How to Collect the Best Video Testimonials from Customers?

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Aug 29, 2023
How to Collect the Best Video Testimonials From Customers
How to Collect the Best Video Testimonials From Customers

You come across a website and see a lot of details about the product/service and finally see the price. Your tolerance would be really low and you might drop off the website

But now contrast this with a website that has a lot of testimonials with faces of business owners like you. You might be slightly interested

Now let's get one notch higher. Imagine coming across a website with a lot of video testimonials. This will make you trust the website even before playing the video testimonials

And you're more likely to try the product/service when you watch a video testimonial fully.

In fact, 79% of customers have watched a video testimonial to find out more about a company, product, or service

The main reason is that we trust human beings and we trust the company when it has the best video testimonials from its customers

Also unlike written testimonials, video testimonials provide a more personal and authentic touch, allowing viewers to see and hear directly from satisfied customers.

Now that we've made it clear, let's see how we can collect the best video testimonials from your customers in this article.

If you're still thinking, "Why Customer Video Testimonials?"

Now you might have some idea why customer testimonials are important but the truth is it's more effective than text testimonials

You can empathize with other customers when you see a video testimonial of a business from a successful customer

They create a feeling of belonging to a particular community of users.

Fun fact: Video testimonials are highly shareable & can be used across various marketing channels to maximize their reach.

In fact, you can even use them in Ad campaigns. Here's a quick read about 20 testimonial advertising examples and some of them also have video testimonials

The need for video testimonials ultimately boils down to:

1. Authenticity & Relatability

Video testimonials offer a unique advantage by allowing real people to share their experiences with your product or service.

Unlike written testimonials, videos enable viewers to connect on a deeper level, as they can see and hear the emotions and expressions of satisfied customers.

2. Social Proof

Humans are inherently social beings, and we often look to others for guidance when making decisions.

When potential buyers witness others sharing their success stories with your offerings, they are more likely to perceive your brand as reliable and trustworthy, thus increasing the likelihood of conversion.

How to Collect Video Testimonials?

You can collect video testimonials using the Testimonial Collection Page on Famewall

1. Go to Testimonial Collection Page in your dashboard

The testimonial collection page is a standalone page that you can share as a link with your customers

Famewall offers the option to customize the testimonial request fully with personalized questions in order to get the best testimonial

Collection Page fields

2. Ask 3 simple questions

Click on the "Video Testimonial Page" tab and then frame 3 questions that will act as a waypoint for your customers

These questions will also make it easier for your customers to record a video testimonial

To get the best video testimonials frame the questions this way:

  • What problem did you face before using [product/service]
  • How did [our product/service] help you solve the problem?
  • What did you like the most about our solution?

Video Testimonial Questions

3. Adding a personal touch

You can connect with your customers on a deeper level by adding a testimonial video where you personally mention how much it would mean to you if customers could send you a testimonial

Personalized Video

4. Reaching Out to Customers

Look for customers who have had a positive experience with your product/service or regularly interact with your brand on social media.

Consider reaching out to long-term customers, repeat buyers, or those who have shared a compliment with you

Once you have identified potential candidates for video testimonials, it's time to reach out to them.

Send personalized emails or make phone calls expressing your appreciation for their support and asking if they would be interested in sending you a testimonial

You can use these 17 proven testimonial email templates to request a testimonial from customers via email

Tips to keep in mind:

To ensure that your video testimonials are of high quality, provide clear guidelines and questions to your customers in the emails & testimonial collection page.

Offer suggestions on the structure of their testimonial, encouraging them to briefly introduce themselves, mention the problem they faced, and describe how your product or service solved their problem

Make the process seem easier for your customers

Remember customers may feel unsure or intimidated about recording a video testimonial even if they have a positive outlook toward your business

So reiterate the fact that it is easier for them to send you a video testimonial by providing them with 3 simple questions & using the testimonial collection page from Famewall

Sharing & Promoting Video Testimonials

After editing, it's time to share and promote your video testimonials across various platforms.

Embed them on relevant pages of your website using the wall of fame from Famewall. There are many widgets on Famewall for you to choose and embed them on your websites

You can also share them on social media, and consider including them in email newsletters or digital advertisements like Facebook ads, Youtube ads etc.

Monitoring and Analyzing Results

Analyze the impact of testimonials on your website traffic, conversion rates, and overall sales.

Collect feedback from your customers and continuously refine your approach to maximize the benefits of video testimonials.


Collecting the best video testimonials from customers requires a well-planned strategy, active customer engagement, and a commitment to authenticity.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can use video testimonials to strengthen your brand, build trust, and attract new customers.


  1. How long should a video testimonial be?

    A: Ideally, video testimonials should be between 1-2 minutes in length to maintain viewers' attention.

  2. Can I use video testimonials from anonymous customers?

    A: While anonymous testimonials can be used in certain cases, it is generally more effective to have testimonials from identifiable customers.

  3. Should I script the testimonials for customers?

    A: It's best to never script testimonials entirely. Instead, ask a few simple questions that will act as a guide for customers when recording the video testimonial.

  4. Can I incentivize customers to provide video testimonials?

    A: Sure you can offer incentives but make sure the testimonials remain genuine and unbiased so that other customers understand the real value of your business rather than just seeing positive words about your product/service

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