Integrate Famewall testimonials with Webflow

Goutham JayGoutham Jay·
May 17, 2023

Webflow is a great tool to create custom websites with no code. There are a lot of plugins & integrations that work well with the site

Adding customer testimonials to webflow will go the extra mile to boost sales & conversions when people visit your landing page

Embedding the wall of fame with Webflow just takes 2 minutes.

Go over to your wall of fame dashboard at Famewall. Select a wall and click on embed code upon publishing your wall

Embed Code

Copy the 3 lines of embed code as shown in your dashboard. In the image here, an example code for Famewall's wall of fame is shown

Famewall Embed Code

Now go over to your Webflow site. Go to Components -> Elements Panel and select Embed component

Embed Component

Now place the embed component on the container where you'd like to have the testimonials section

Drag & Drop Embed Component

Now finally paste the embed code, which we copied from Famewall and paste it in the code editor. Save changes and you're done!

Code Editor

You can preview changes to your wall and the wall of fame is now live on your Webflow site!

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