How to Add Testimonials to Simplero website?

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Jan 30, 2024
How to Add Testimonials to Simplero website?
How to Add Testimonials to Simplero website?

Simplero is a complete platform for course creators & coaches to build websites, set up funnels, and monetize their products

It is perfect for creators & consultants to quickly build and monetize their offerings

If you've set up a website using Simplero, you can add testimonials to close more clients or increase your course sales as customers rely on testimonials when making purchasing decisions

You can collect testimonials & display them in Simplero for free using Famewall without writing any code

Here's how you can do it

1. Head over to your Famewall Dashboard

Go to Famewall Dashboard and create your testimonial wall.


You can either import testimonials from 20+ available sources or collect testimonials from your customers from scratch using Famewall's personalized collection page

Add Testimonial to Famewall

Then click on the "Testimonial Widget" tab on the left panel

Here you can fully customize the appearance of the text, and video testimonials how you'd like them to appear.

Then publish your testimonial wall by clicking on "Publish Widget" on the top right.


You'll then see the "Get Embed Code" option on top. Click that to get the HTML code to embed on your website


Then select the widget display type from the different options available like grid, carousel etc., and copy the widget's embed code

Copy the widget code

2. Adding Testimonials to Simplero

Head over to the landing page dashboard in Simplero

In Simplero, you can embed the testimonials in the content box in Simplero

The content box can be present in places like email body, body content in a course, the text box on a landing page and site pages.

For a site or landing page, you can add a script section separately

And you don't have to write any extra code in either of the options

To Add Testimonials in Simplero Content box

So click on the HTML button located in the upper right corner of the toolbar present in the WYSIWYG editor and click on "<>" to add the embed code


Clicking on it would open a source code screen


Simply paste the code you copied from the previous step from Famewall's dashboard into the source code screen and save the changes

To Add Testimonials in Simplero Pages Editor

When adding the testimonials to a site or landing page in Simplero, you'll be able to add a Script section


In the Script section, simply paste the code that you copied from Famewall's Dashboard


Voila your Simplero website now has a dedicated testimonials section that can be updated in real-time

If you're looking to collect testimonials from your customers, this simple guide will be very effective in helping you collect the best testimonials

Try Famewall for free to collect testimonials from customers & add them to your website in minutes without writing a single line of code!

Collect testimonials for FREE using Famewall