6 Patient Testimonials Examples for Practitioners

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Jul 19, 2023

Patient testimonials are positive experiences shared by patients who consulted with a medical professional/ healthcare organization

They can help to show that your practice is providing quality care & that patients are satisfied with the services they have received.

Why would you need Patient Testimonials?

When patients see the positive experiences of people who consulted your service before, they'll be more confident & courageous to approach your service without hesitation

In that sense, it's increasingly important that the testimonials come from real people & you never fake testimonials as it's a matter of a person's well-being.

A few things to keep in mind before posting patient testimonials on your website:

  • HIPAA regulations:

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that protects the privacy and security of patient health information. Under HIPAA, you must obtain consent from a patient before posting their testimonial on your website
  • Confidentiality:

    Even if you have obtained written consent from a patient, you must still take steps to protect the confidentiality of the patient. This means not posting any information that could harm the patient, such as their specific location, email & health records
  • Being Authentic:

    Patients are more likely to trust testimonials that are authentic and believable. When asking patients for testimonials, be sure to give them specific instructions on what you are looking for.

    You may also want to consider using a video testimonial, as this can help to build trust with potential patients. You can use Famewall to collect text, video testimonials using a link like page.famewall.io/famewall

    Here's a detailed guide that walks through how you can collect testimonials from your clients with ease

But regardless of whether you're using a testimonial software or a healthcare marketing service, it is important to keep the above guidelines in mind

In this article, we'll see 8 simple Patient testimonials examples that you can encourage from your patients after they consult your service

1. Eastman Institute for Oral Health Patient Testimonials

The Eastman Institute for Oral Health (New York, United States) has a separate page dedicated to successful patient stories for their oral consultation & treatment

As you can see in the image below, the testimonials are short and descriptive about their condition while also emphasizing how the staff eased their problem

Eastman Institute for Oral Health Testimonials

The testimonials also come from patients of diverse backgrounds, age groups, gender, and ethnicity which gives a holistic view of their care toward patients

The main points addressed in most of these patient testimonial examples:

  • Background of the patient
  • What problem they have?
  • How hospitable were the healthcare staff?
  • Pictures of the patients if possible
  • Why they'd recommend them to others?

2. Hirslanden Klinik Im Park Patient Testimonials

The clinic, Hirslanden Klinik Im Park is located in the heart of Zurich in Switzerland. They have a separate page with Success Stories mentioned on their website

The testimonials are unique because they have video testimonials which are the most authentic form of testimonials.

Video testimonials from Hirslanden Klinik Im Park

Just having the thumbnail of all the videos gives a positive impression to website visitors even before they see the testimonial

(P.S. Famewall can help you collect video testimonials with ease using a dedicated collection page. Here's a quick guide that can help you collect video testimonials from scratch)

Upon clicking on the video testimonial, we are directed to a dedicated page for each patient's story

Patient Success Story Hirslanden Klinik Im Park

The testimonials include patients with a median age group along with different genders to give a holistic view of the clinic

The main points addressed in most of these patient testimonial examples:

  • A short story about their problem
  • What did they do to solve the problem before consulting?
  • How did they get to know this clinic?
  • How did the clinic help solve the problem?
  • How helpful were the hospital staff?

3. Dr. David Richardson's Patient Stories as Testimonials

The incredible point of Dr. David Richardson's patient testimonials is that they've made it appear modern even though they're a small team of professionals

The patient stories are introduced as a carousel on top which gives us a glimpse into their patients' happy experiences

The testimonials are verifiable in real time since they are linked to Yelp reviews

Dr. David Richardson's Patient Story Testimonials & Widgets

To make it easy, you can actually create testimonial widgets like these using Famewall where you can import testimonials from 20+ sources like Google Business, Trustpilot, etc. and even from niche social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook

Here's a customer of Famewall using the Twitter widgets for their medical platform

Famewall Widgets

The advantage of using widgets is that since the testimonials are linked back to the review on the original website, they build trust with your patients that this is indeed a valid website

The main points addressed in most of these patient testimonial examples:

  • Why do they approach their service?
  • What was unique in their approach?
  • How did they help solve their pain point?

4. Huntington Health Patient Testimonials

Huntington Health Patient Testimonials are displayed in a listicle format with the profile picture  of the patient and the testimonial along with the name displayed on the right

They have testimonials going up to 6 pages which gives a positive impression that they have a lot of happy patients

Huntington Health Patient Testimonials

The main points addressed in most of these patient testimonial examples:

  • Background of the ailment & what caused it for the patient
  • Which doctor helped them solve their ailment?
  • How did the doctor help solve the ailment?
  • Results after the treatment show transformation

5. Chester County Patient Testimonials

Chester County's Patient Testimonials introduce us to their patients' positive reviews by having a gist of their testimonial as a preview

Upon clicking "Read more", we're directed to the full testimonial where the patient's backstory is written in brief & then we're given an overview of the practitioner who diagnosed the patient

Then they finally share the results of treatment which builds trust in the patient's mind

Chester County Hospital's Patient Testimonials

The main points addressed in most of these patient testimonial examples:

  • Patient's Backstory
  • About the Doctor & the relationship between the patient
  • How the pain point was solved?
  • Results after the treatment

6. Holy Cross Health Patient testimonials:

Holy Cross Health has a unique "Patient stories" section where the focus is put on the patient's picture & their happy state with a short 2 liner about the patient's problem and the treatment

This is a good strategy especially if you're able to get pictures from your patients with their consent when collecting testimonials

Holy Cross Health's Patient Testimonials

The main points addressed in most of these patient testimonial examples:

  • Glimpse into the patient's problem
  • Words from the Practitioners themselves
  • How the problem was treated?
  • Patient's experience with the treatment
  • Results after the treatment


Patients' testimonials & success stories are a great way for people to trust the practitioner & their services.

The main points to keep in mind before adding testimonials are to comply with HIPAA regulations & obtain consent from the patients

We've seen a few patient testimonial examples to get an idea of the best practices & things needed to be kept in mind when displaying testimonials

These testimonials can be requested from customers using a testimonial collection tool like Famewall and presented as widgets on your website or shared on a standalone wall of fame page

Try Famewall for free to start collecting text & video testimonials from patients and display them in multiple ways on your website to build trust with patients