How to Add Google Reviews To your Website

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Aug 23, 2023

If you're a business owner, Google Reviews, in particular, holds significant importance. Customers would search for your business on Google and immediately click on the reviews to see the popular opinion of other customers

It has a lot of social proof attached to it as people can also click on the review author and verify the credibility by themselves

In fact, 81% of consumers said they read Google reviews before making a purchasing decision

So there's no doubt that displaying these reviews on your website can provide potential customers with valuable insights and increase sales for your business

Let's see how you can add Google Reviews to your website in 5 easy steps

1. Create a Testimonial Wall

You can simply head over to Famewall's dashboard and create a testimonial wall to import your Google reviews as testimonials


2. Import Google Reviews to your Testimonial Wall

Click on "Add Testimonial" option to get started with importing Google Reviews into your Testimonial Dashboard


3. Entering your Google Business Name

Just search for your Google Business name and copy the name of the business. In this example, we try to add Google Reviews of Instinct Fitness to the website

Instinct Fitness's Google Business

And now enter the name of the Business in Famewall's Google testimonial section. It's better to be more specific with the location by mentioning place/country so that your business shows up when searching

Entering the Google Business Name in Famewall

Now hit "Search Business" to select your business from the list

Google Business Search Results

4. Importing Google Reviews to your dashboard

Once you've selected your business, all the Google Reviews for your business are fetched with the reviewer's name, image and content

Just select the ones you'd like to add to your wall by clicking on "Add to Wall"

Adding Google Reviews to your dashboard

5. Hit Publish on your Widget & Copy the Testimonial Widget Code

Next head over to "Testimonial Widget" tab and customize how you'd like the testimonials to appear on your website

When you're done click on the "Get Embed" button to grab your testimonial widget's code


Now simply select the embed code for the type of widget you'd like to have on your website or landing page

Famewall's testimonial widget code

And you can simply paste this code on your website as a custom HTML element.

There are over 30+ platforms supported by Famewall like WordPress, Webflow, Kajabi, etc with which you can integrate the testimonials widget

Apart from having Google Reviews on your website, you can also collect text & video testimonials from your customers. Here's a simple guide to collecting testimonials and here's how you can collect high-quality video testimonials from your customers

The advantage is that you can import new testimonials too in Famewall dashboard yet all the changes will be reflected live on your website without you having to set anything up again

Try Famewall for FREE to collect testimonials from your customers & use them as social proof in multiple ways to increase sales for your business

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