Integrate social proof from famewall on your Wordpress website

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Jul 25, 2023

Social proof boosts the reputation of your website as positive word of mouth from existing customers plays a big role in convincing new customers to make the purchase of your product.

Embedding famewall's wall of fame is quite easy with wordpress.

There are 2 approaches to embedding it on wordpress

Method 1: Custom HTML Plugin

In your WordPress Website install the "Custom HTML Block Extension" Plugin


Then open the page on your Wordpress site where you'd like to have the testimonials and click on "Add new element" button

Add new element

Select "Custom HTML" (with a lightning icon which should be available due to the plugin) from the options as we'll be adding the embed code from Famewall


Head over to your dashboard in Famewall and copy the embed code from your published widget that you'd like to embed


This would open up a popup which would contain the code to integrate testimonials on your Wordpress website

Famewall Embed Code

Now paste the embed code in the Custom HTML element on the WordPress dashboard


And Voila! Your testimonial wall shows up on the WordPress site

Method 2: Code Embed Plugin

To enhance the frontend functionality of your website, you'll need to add a custom plugin to WordPress

1. Install the "Code Embed" Plugin for WordPress

Code Embed Plugin - Wordpress

2. Once installed,  head over to pages and select the page where you want to have the testimonial wall embedded

Wordpress Page

3. Click on the options button upon toggling the menubar on the top right corner of your dashboard

Options Pane

4. Now select enable custom fields option in the modal

Custom Fields

5. We're almost there, now go ahead to famewall's dashboard and grab the embed link from your Testimonial widget of your Testimonial wall


This would open up a popup with the embed code you need to show testimonials on the Wordpress website

Famewall Embed Code

6. Now copy that code to the custom field table in the "value" field by placing the script tag in the value and populating the "name" field

Custom Field

7. And place the "name" field in flower brackets as shown in the above figure on the editor block

And Voila! Your WordPress page now has beautiful testimonials ready!

Try Famewall for free to collect testimonials from your customers and add social proof to your website without writing any code

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