Add testimonials to Softr using Famewall

Goutham JayGoutham Jay·
May 19, 2023

Softr is a website builder that makes it easy to create and manage your own website without any coding experience.

It's a popular choice for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

Famewall integrates with Softr where you can add social proof to your website.

The testimonials increase your brand reputation and start working as a marketing engine for your business

Embedding the testimonials wall of fame on Softr just takes 2 minutes.

Here are the steps to embed them:

Step 1: Publish your Testimonial Wall

Go over to your wall of fame dashboard at Famewall. Select a wall and click on the embed code upon publishing your wall

Get Embed Button

Step 2: Copy the Embed Code

Here you will have multiple HTML embed code -> for Grid widgets, Carousel Widgets, Slider widgets and much more

Simply select one of your choices and copy the HTML code

Copy embed code

Step 3: Paste the embed code on your Softr website to add testimonials

  • Head over to your Softr dashboard and get to the page where you want to add testimonials
  • Click on the plus icon at the top right corner of the screen

Softr Section

Select the "Custom Code" block which appears under "Static" section

Custom Code Block

Paste the Famewall Embed code that you copied in the previous steps and you're done!

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Famewall testimonials on your Softr website!

Try Famewall for free to collect testimonials from your customers and add social proof to your website without writing any code. See your sales increase with the power of word of mouth!