Video vs Text Testimonial: Which one Wins?

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

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Oct 11, 2023
Video vs Text Testimonial: Which one Wins?
Video vs Text Testimonial: Which one Wins?

As a business owner, you might have come across the debate - video testimonials vs text testimonials. Let's settle this once and for all

When we hear about a business for the first time, we get curious to know what the business sells. And once we get to know that, we immediately try to look for what their customers have to say

For this very reason, you can’t deny the fact that testimonials have become an integral part of our businesses’ marketing strategies. They serve as amazing tools to build trust with future potential customers

So in simple terms, testimonials are customer experiences that explain what they liked about a product/service and what stood out for them. They act as social proof and are valuable in persuading potential customers to hit the “buy” button on your website

Testimonials work really well as they provide real-life examples of how a product or service has benefited a customer, giving potential customers the confidence to try it out themselves

Now talking about testimonials, there are different kinds of testimonials

Video Testimonials:
Video testimonials are recorded interviews or presentations where customers provide feedback about a product or service on camera.

Text Testimonials:
Text testimonials, on the other hand, are written statements or reviews from customers

Audio Testimonials:
Voice recordings from customers describing their experience with your product/service

We’ll limit this article to just video & text testimonials as audio testimonials aren’t recommended from a business perspective.

The main reason is that having a bunch of audio files on your website would appear overwhelming and even if the customer happens to play the audio, they’ll quickly lose interest and move away from your website

So Text or Video testimonials? Which one is effective?

Actual Benefits of Text Testimonials

Text Testimonial Example

Text testimonials are easier to read by customers. They’ll be able to see varied experiences from customers as they can be skimmed by customers quickly

Also you can show more information as a business owner with text testimonials since it’s in the written format

And apart from that customers can grasp the key points without having to watch a video. Text testimonials are also easily shareable, making it convenient for customers to spread the word about others positive experiences.

Text testimonials, often include the customer's name, photo, and any relevant affiliations or credentials. This adds credibility and helps potential customers relate to the testimonial on a more personal level.

Important sections in a text testimonial can easily be highlighted

Additionally, businesses may choose to include a link or contact information for the customer, allowing interested prospects to reach out directly for reference

Here's a real-time example of a text testimonial: Text Testimonial Example

Obvious Benefits of Video Testimonials

Video Testimonial Example

Video testimonials are more engaging as it shows a fellow customer talking about their experience using a product/service while also helping them empathize with the person's emotions

It shouldn't come as a surprise that as humans we tend to relate more with other humans

Video testimonials are more believable compared to text testimonials since it’s hard to fake facial expressions and tone of voice. 

When viewers see and hear a real customer talking about their positive experience with your product or service, they are more likely to believe that the testimonial is genuine

Here's an example of a video testimonial: Video testimonial example

Are video testimonials better?

It’s definitely obvious that video testimonials are better from an authenticity perspective as they have the ability to convince customers

But that doesn’t mean that text testimonials don’t matter. They’re equally important to show some variety in your social proof

The best solution would be to use a mix of text and video testimonials in your marketing strategies. 

For example, consider a testimonial from a customer who had struggled with weight loss for years but finally achieved their goals with the help of a fitness coach. This testimonial’s effect is much more pronounced through a video/picture testimonial where you can directly see the difference and see the customer explain their transformation

A coach displaying testimonials from happy customers

On the other hand, you can use text testimonials when you’re sharing social proof in your email newsletter as this would allow your readers to skim the testimonial

This is also especially useful when you have a lot of text testimonials which you have aggregated together. This would have a lot of social proof and give the impression that there are many happy customers out there who are satisfied after using your product

Text testimonials displayed together

And you can share video testimonials on social media for a more pronounced effect

On your website, you can use a mix of both, by using the testimonial wall of love from Famewall where you can select a specific widget from a variety of available options & display both video testimonials and text testimonials together by rearranging them as you see fit

Video And Text Testimonials together

But when it comes to displaying text & video testimonials at the same time, ensure that the video testimonials are displayed on top with higher priority so that customers get a positive first impression and then continue to read your text testimonials with a good impression

Choosing Between Video and Text Testimonials

Though video testimonials are better as discussed, when deciding between video and text testimonials, you can also consider additional factors to choose an effective format for your specific needs rather than just thinking in terms of video vs text testimonials

Factors to Consider When Choosing Testimonial Format

Consider your target audience along with the nature of your product or service and the message you want to convey. 

If your target audience would prefer visuals and if showcasing emotions is crucial to your offering, video testimonials may be the better choice. This applies to services like coaching, fitness training etc. where potential customers can get to see existing customers authentically describe their experience

Here's an example of a fitness instructor doing an amazing job by displaying video testimonials from happy customers and the effect is more profound

Fitness Video Testimonials

Text testimonials may be more suitable if you have a broader audience and if concise, accessible information is preferred.

In some cases, you’d rather want to showcase 15+ testimonials to show variety to your customers. Text testimonials are the perfect fit for such cases

Text testimonials displayed together

How to collect testimonials?

You can collect testimonials effortlessly from your customers using Famewall for free :)

You can simply create a custom collection page by personalizing all the fields and describing the questions you'd like to ask your customers on a standalone collection page

Testimonial Collection Page

This testimonial page can then be shared with your customers as a simple link and your customers can record a video or send you a text testimonial without you having to worry about hosting the videos or managing them in a single place

The best part is you can make your customers feel personal by recording a greeting video so that customers feel more compelled to send you a testimonial

Here's a detailed guide explaining how you can collect testimonials from scratch & here's a guide to collecting the best video testimonials from your customers

Making the Most Out of Your Chosen Testimonial Format

Regardless of the format you choose, ensure that the testimonials are genuine and authentic.

Encourage your satisfied customers to share their experiences willingly, emphasizing the importance of honesty.

Highlight the most relevant and favorable testimonials prominently on your website or marketing materials. You need to regularly update testimonials to stay relevant, collect new ones once in a while which would reflect the current customer sentiment.

Both video and text testimonials can be effective in building trust among potential customers. The choice between the two formats in a specific scenario depends on various factors we discussed above than just arguing for video vs text testimonials

In the end you can choose the most effective testimonial type that aligns with your marketing goals.

Remember, regardless of the format, always ensure that the testimonials are real and describe their experience in best words.

For this very reason, it becomes important to ask the right questions for testimonials. Here's are 30 testimonial questions you can ask customers to get the best testimonials

Try Famewall for free to start collecting testimonials from customers with a simple link & display them as social proof on your websites without writing any code

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