Free Time Tracking App for Freelancers

This is a 100% free time tracking app for freelancers & contractors. Calculate billable hours and hourly rates

Manage your time with ease and get more work done as a freelancer


    How Does the Freelance Time Tracking App work?

    Famewall's Time Tracking App helps you track the time spent on tasks to calculate billable hours for your freelance work. It does not require any login.

    Here's how you can use the time tracking app for free

    1. Click on "Start New Activity" Button
    2. Enter the name of the freelance task for which you would like to track time and then click "Start Activity"
    3. You can choose to pause the time by clicking on "Pause" or reset the timer by clicking on "Reset"
    4. If you have completed all the tasks, simply click on "Complete" and the task gets added to completion list
    5. Similiarly you can add more tasks in the freelance tasks tracking and it displays the total time you've spent working on all the tasks

    Track your time effortlessly without any login or complicated setup

    Unlike other time tracking tools, this free time tracking tool doesn't require you to create an account or remember yet another username, password.

    Simply access the timer directly within your browser and start tracking your time for all the tasks immediately.

    Get more freelance work done by staying on top of your tasks

    Actively track all your tasks for freelance work with an easy-to-use interface

    Calculate total billable hours for the work done without the need to login or pay for an expensive tool

    A time tracking tool for all your needs as an agency owner, contractor or freelancer


    Benefits of using Famewall's Freelance Time Tracking App

    Famewall's Time Tracking App for freelancers comes pretty much handy for your agency because

    1. No login needed. 100% free time tracking app for freelancers, contractors and businesses
    2. A user friendly and graphical timer to track all your tasks
    3. An activity logger to monitor all your tasks tagged with the respective time spent on them
    4. Responsive timer to pause, reset and resume your billable hours
    5. Privacy friendly and no data is stored on the servers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I keep track of my freelancing hours?

    Simply click on "Start New Activity" to log a new task and start the timer to track the time spent on those activities

    Is there a way to add description to the freelance tasks I want to track?

    Yes! Simply click on "Start New Activity" and in the popup you can fill in the field "Description" for your reference

    How is this free time tracking tool better than other tools out there?

    This time tracking tool was built specifically for freelancers and contractors to calculate billable hours. It stands out from the competition as it is entirely free, does not require any login and is privacy friendly as it doesn't store any data

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