How to get inbound leads for your business?

published on 09 December 2022

You might have built a great business, landed your first customer & earned some revenue! Congrats on the amazing feat.

But how do I find the next customer and the next one after that

Inbound leads for your business
Inbound leads for your business

There are a few proven techniques that generate inbound leads even when you're not actively working for them

1. Testimonials

This is the technique that requires the least effort among others in the list.

The biggest asset you have is your own customers. Their great experience with your product is enough to attract more customers and the effect multiplies when the testimonials are actually verifiable on social media & video testimonials coming from people in real life

You can send a link to a page to your customers via email like this page and genuinely ask them for a testimonial & the likelihood is high for them to submit one

Famewall makes it super easy to collect & display testimonials on customizable walls of fame. Here is one of the sample testimonial walls: Hivoe's wall

Famewall Testimonials
Famewall Testimonials

2. SEO

In most cases, customers try to look up what they need on search engines. This makes it absolutely necessary to invest in your website's search engine optimization by following the best practices

And use long tail keywords for which you'd want your customers to think of you as a solution

3. Blogs

Write relevant blogs specific to niches that would prove really useful to potential customers.

High-quality blogs would also position your product as a noteworthy brand in the category & would be used as the go-to reference by people in your niche

4. Emails & Newsletters

Collecting emails from customers with a polite pop-up or your personal blog would prove as a great source of inbound leads for your product

If your newsletters are interesting, your brand value would build up & also motivate your newsletters to potential readers who would turn out to be future customers

5. Social Media

Social media would be a great channel to source inbound leads if you provide enough valuable content over long enough time frames

Your posts also tend to boost SEO when a lot of people share & link to your product

In the end, we just got to keep experimenting with various channels & find the one that brings us the most inbound leads

If you'd like to collect & manage testimonials seamlessly, checkout Famewall for free

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