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How Does Landing Page Copy Generator work?

Landing Page Copy Generator uses AI to understand your requirements and creates high-converting landing page copy in minutes

Input Fields

Describe your website

Simply enter the details about your business in a single line. The AI would learn about the problem your business is out to solve, your target audience who would visit the landing page and finally your unique selling proposition which differentiates your product/service. Then select the brand voice to adapt a suitable style for the copy

Wait for Landing Page Copy

Wait for a minute

Once you've entered the details, click on the "Generate Landing Page Copy" button. Just wait up to 60 seconds for the AI to process the landing page copy

Final Landing Page Copy

Use the Landing Page Copy

Once the processing is complete, the landing page copy appears on your screen which is ready to be used in your marketing materials be it your landing page, website etc

Why does Good Landing Page Copy Matter?

Landing page copy is the first thing that your potential customers will see when they visit your website. And here's why that matters

  1. It is your chance to make a good first impression, explain what you have to offer, and convince them to take action
  2. It has a direct influence on your website conversions and increases sales for your product
  3. It helps educate potential customers about your brand
  4. Well-written landing page copy answers common customer questions and reduces the need for visitors to contact customer support
  5. Good Landing Page copy will encourage visitors to learn more giving a good signal to search engines which would rank your content higher

Increase conversions with social proof

A good landing page copy does 50% of the job in converting website visitors to customers

Back it up with testimonials on your landing page using Famewall's variety of website widgets which can be used across landing page, pricing pages, etc

See Testimonial Widgets
Increase conversions with social proof

Beautiful & Fully Customizable Widgets

Share the collected testimonials everywhere!

You can customize a variety of options including the background color, testimonial card color & much more

The widgets are fully responsive on your website and get dynamically updated as you collect & add new testimonials

They act as the perfect supplement to a good landing page copy

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Fully Customizable Testimonial Widgets

Collect Testimonials from Customers with Personalized Collection Pages

Easily collect testimonials from your customers by customizing the collection page & providing questions as waypoints

Personalize the collection page & share a simple link with customers

You no longer have to worry about going back & forth with customers to ask for testimonials

View Sample Collection Page
Testimonial Collection Page

10x your Marketing efforts with Testimonial Images

Use testimonial images on your landing page to boost social proof

Include the images in your hero images, feature images to see the best results in terms of website conversions

It creates a positive impression in your customers' minds and prompts them to take action

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Testimonial Image Generator

Collect & Display Testimonials with Famewall

Famewall is an affordable tool using which you can collect testimonials from customers and display them in websites, emails etc to attract more customers without any coding.

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