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Add Reviews to Website

How to add Reviews to website?

Step 1a: Import Testimonials from existing source

You can easily import testimonials from existing sources if you already have them

  • Simply select the desired source from review sites like Trustpilot, Google Business, Yelp etc or from social media like X(formerly Twitter), Linkedin etc
  • Paste your business URL
  • Then see your testimonials get imported with a single click
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Import Testimonials from source

Step 1b: Collect and add reviews from scratch

If you don't have reviews from existing sources, don't worry! You can collect reviews from scratch using the testimonial collection page

  • Set up the testimonial collection page in your dashboard
  • Share the collection page link to your customers via email, social media
  • Approve the collected testimonials and add them to your public wall
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Collect and Add reviews

Step 2: Select a widget of your choice to display the reviews

Choose from a variety of available widgets on Famewall to display your text & video testimonials

The widget is super fast and lightweight

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Widgets to select

Step 3: Copy and paste the widget code on your website

You don't have to write a single line of code

Simply copy and paste the widget code from Famewall on your website

This shouldn't take more than 2 minutes

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Copy Widget Code

Embed Reviews on your Website effortlessly

Variety of Review Widgets to Showcase Your Social Proof

Use multiple widget types to suit your brand style and share them everywhere

Just select a widget of your choice

Use them across your websites on sign up page, landing page, community page, pricing page without writing any code!

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Famewall Widget Varieties

Bring Social Proof from Other Platforms

Import testimonials from 30+ platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit & App Stores seamlessly

Use them on widgets or turn them into images and build your business reputation with ease

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Social Proof from Platforms

Share Single Testimonials Everywhere

Share single testimonials on a separate page

Engage customers & show your credibility with testimonials

Use them in your email marketing campaigns, social media posts by sharing them as a link to show social proof to your customers

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Single Testimonial Sharing

Single place to manage and share your website reviews with ease

Collect reviews from customers, organize them into categories, customize their appearance & add the reviews to your website using widgets in just a few clicks

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