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Get high-converting testimonials from your customers using this simple testimonial template

The best part is that it also has a native video recorder that allows your customers to submit a video testimonial without any extra setup

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Collect testimonials with collection page's testimonial form template

Ask custom questions you'd like your customers to answer using the testimonial collection page

The Testimonial collection page can be personalized with a video and notifies you whenever customers submit a testimonial

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Hassle-free way for recipients to record & submit video testimonials

Famewall has a built-in video recorder to allow your customers to submit video testimonials

You don't have to worry about hosting the videos and you'll get high quality video testimonials from customers

Hassle-free video collection process making it easy for both you and the recipient

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Share the testimonials on your website for increased conversions

Have all your testimonials displayed on a testimonial widget on your website or separately as a Wall of Fame page

The Wall of Fame Page can be customized on your own custom domain with branding

Increase conversions by converting collected testimonials into social proof

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