Add testimonials to Bubble using Famewall

published on 16 January 2023

Bubble is a no-code tool which makes it extremely easy to build landing pages & full fledged apps

You can use Famewall to collect testimonials and embed them on your landing page without writing a single line of code.

Here's how to integrate Famewall with Bubble

1. Add HTML element in Bubble page

Head over to the section in your website where you'd like to have your testimonial widget from Famewall displayed

Select "HTML" from the Visual elements tab and draw the canvas on the page

Bubble Page
Bubble Page

2. Copy the embed code from Famewall

Head over to Famewall Dashboard and select the wall which you'd like to embed testimonials for

Click on "Publish Wall" and copy the embed code by clicking "Get Embed Code" button

Copy the embed code from there

Copy Embed code
Copy Embed code

3. Now paste the code in Bubble

Paste the embed code in the HTML popup in Bubble from previous steps and save changes

Save changes in Bubble
Save changes in Bubble

Save the changes, preview your page from Bubble. And Voila you've got some amazing social proof on your website

Try Famewall for free and collect testimonials from customers to display social proof on your website without writing any code.

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