Free Online Video Teleprompter

Record high quality videos by writing script and having the script play for you using the free video teleprompter

Video Teleprompter Example

How Does Famewall's Video Teleprompter work?

Famewall's Video Teleprompter can be used to assist creators in delivering presentations or creating a Youtube video with the help of a scrolling script

Here's how you can use the Teleprompter for free

  1. Simply open the Video Teleprompter Playground by clicking on "Open Teleprompter" button
  2. Enter the script which you would like to have narrated in your video/presentation
  3. Customize the settings like font color, scroll speed, text mirroring etc.
  4. Click on the play button and place your phone/computer at a comfortable position where you can read it easily

Why does a Video Teleprompter Matter?

A Video Teleprompter greatly reduces your efforts in video production. Here's how:

  1. A teleprompter helps you deliver your script confidently as you can read the text while maintaining eye contact with the camera/audience
  2. The most important points are delivered in your presentation as you don't miss them when they play out on a screen
  3. You no longer feel stressed before a video/presentation since you wouldn't have to improvise or miss lines
  4. The Teleprompter reduces the time required for recording or delivering a speech
  5. It streamlines the content creation process, allowing you to create more frequent and consistent uploads.
  6. You connect better with audience as you don't have to refer to notes or lose eye contact with your audience

Easy-to-Use Playground for Teleprompter scripts

An intuitive playground where you can add and edit your script as rich text

Plenty of customization options like font size, text color and orientation to suit your recording needs

Toggle options to create the best teleprompter for your video/presentation

Open Teleprompter
Playground for Teleprompter

Read the Teleprompter Script without focusing too much

Deliver an engaging video/presentation by reading with the help of the tracker in the teleprompter

Pause at any moment and change the speed to read at a comfortable pace

Open Teleprompter
Teleprompter Script Reader

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