20 Testimonial Advertising Examples That Make Your Customers Buy

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

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Aug 25, 2023
20 Testimonial Advertising Examples
20 Testimonial Advertising Examples

Let's be honest, as a business owner, think of the last time you purchased a product yourself

It's very likely that you checked what customers said before making a purchase. And that is a customer testimonial at play

Did you know that you can also use testimonials in your marketing campaign with testimonial advertising?

But what exactly is Testimonial Advertising? And how do Testimonial Ads actually work?

So what exactly is Testimonial Advertising?

Testimonial advertising is one type of advertising that makes use of customer testimonials to promote a product or service.

To make things clear & just so that we're on the same boat, testimonials are statements from customers about their experience with a product or service

The biggest reason why testimonials tend to work in Ads is because it's easier for prospects to relate to the experiences of other customers and they'd be able to imagine the outcome that your product/service helps them achieve. There should be no surprise that testimonial ads convert really well

Here are 20 amazing testimonial advertising examples that you can use in your marketing campaigns to hook your prospect's attention and convert into a sale

1. Static Testimonial as an Instagram Ad

Jana Bishop is an entrepreneur who runs a boot camp that trains students to get better results with their Facebook ads

The ad shown below runs on Instagram where she showcases the happy text messages she gets from her students in an image creative and describes her boot camp more in the caption

The highlight of this testimonial ad is that it hooks your customers' attention as they scroll the feed. Then they become curious and try to learn more about your business offer

This is a great way to showcase testimonials in your ad creative and minimize cost per click and that's why testimonial ads boost your marketing campaigns

Testimonials in Instagram Ad

2. Social Proof Glimpse - Instagram Story Ad

This is an Instagram story Ad where Paul discusses how he helps creators conceive high-quality videos for Youtube

He backs it up with social proof by mentioning the number of students who have enrolled in the course while showing quick cuts of his happy students

This is a great way to build trust as your prospects get to see what other customers feel in the testimonial ad about your product/service

Social proof in Instagram stories advertisement

3. Corporate style Video Testimonial - Facebook Ad

The Ad Leaf used a testimonial video that was advertised on Facebook.

This is a simple video testimonial where Ad Leaf's client walks through the process of the problem they faced and how Ad Leaf was able to help them achieve the outcome

Just with the design of the video testimonial, you'll be able to see that they try to appeal to Enterprises without any flashy images or graphics. And that works too!

This is a good example reminding you that you need to figure out your customer persona before creating testimonial ads

A video testimonial from a facebook ad

4. Outcome-oriented Carousel Testimonials - Facebook Post Ad

Live Life Tours is a travel company that has a Facebook page. They mainly help tourists with their visas and travel planning

They made an amazing Ad on Facebook with a carousel of all their customers who had a happy experience getting their visa approved

This directly shows the outcome that is possible to a prospect who is checking out "Live Life Tours" services and this prompts them to take action and enquire about their service

And in the worst case even if the prospect doesn't convert, they'll surely remember the service in their mind or note them down and contact them again when they're planning to travel in the future

Outcome oriented carousels as a Facebook Ad

5. Customer Success as an Instagram Story Ad

This is another Instagram story Ad. The thing about Instagram stories is that they pass pretty quickly when prospects are viewing stories from friends

They want to skip it so badly as they're eager to see a status update from their friend than an ad. So your Ad needs to be attention-worthy to be successful

And the copy grabs your attention

  • Somebody is making money
  • Somebody is making money at a young age
  • The customer goes "I wonder, what this is about?"
  • Out of curiosity, they click on "Load More"
  • Mission Accomplished!

    P.S. Make sure that the claim is true and a customer really got the outcome because if a customer finds out that the testimonial ad was just a clickbait, they'll instantly lose trust and never buy from you again

Customer Success Story as an Instagra Ad

6. Facebook Testimonial Slideshow Ad

This is an ad on Facebook that was run by a small business where they show the results after a customer avails of their service

They use a carousel format where they introduce the customer's experience with a written testimonial and amplify the good impression by showing the results after cleaning

This testimonial ad example works for the simple reason that they make their value proposition clear with the customer's testimonial and back it up with proof of work

Facebook Testimonial Slideshow Ad

7. Fun Testimonial - Instagram Post Ad

This is an interesting Ad on Instagram  as advertised by a small business

The ad gels well with the environment (Instagram). Instagram is a fun & casual place for prospects to connect with their friends and family

Here we see the video testimonial from the business perspective where they're asked a simple question about what the food was like

The customer replied that the food was even better than what they had in Mexico. (The restaurant is located in the US)

The Testimonial Ad is short, sounds casual, and has Mexican music playing in the background. Now why wouldn't that work? :)

Fun Testimonial as an Instagram Post Ad

8. Storytelling Ad with Testimonial on Linkedin

Airbnb is a pretty well-known company that makes it easy for travelers to book accommodations with people who are willing to rent their homes for a short while 

This specific Linkedin Ad by Airbnb has a storytelling element attached to it.

We are introduced to Bongani who is a cool host that not only helps out Airbnb customers but also supports local businesses by referring their services

We are more intrigued to learn about him as the video plays out with some music

Storytelling Ad by Airbnb on Linkedin

9. Success Story Ad - Linkedin Post

Grammarly used 2 elements to make this ad work on Linkedin

  • First, it shows that a big company is using its product - Zapier. 
  • Secondly, it shows what was the specific outcome, Zapier achieved through a case study.

Since it's business writing, it tries to appeal to businesses and enterprises with the Testimonial Ad copy and the testimonials

This is a great way to use testimonial ads to attract a specific audience

Grammarly's success story as a Linkedin Ad

10. Google Ad backed by Testimonials

Google ads are pretty brief. SegmentStream plays it intelligently by adding Case Studies and testimonials as separate links below the main title and description

At a glance, this stands out in customers' eyes and they'd also be curious to learn about success stories

Google Ad backed by Testimonials

11. Story-based Linkedin Testimonial Ad

GoDaddy covered a good story of their customer and incorporated storytelling elements to show how their customer went from zero to hero while using the service offered by GoDaddy

The Testimonial Ad also has the image of the customer which helps us visualize them in the story as we read the customer study

We're finally directed to the blog post to learn more

Story based Linkedin Ad

12. Google Ad with Testimonials Wall in Sitelink

This is an example of a simple Google Ad with a dedicated page for client testimonials. The testimonials page convinces prospects to give a bit more attention to this result

In fact, it would also improve the CTR on Google Ads if done right

Google Ads with Testimonial in Site Link

13. Multiple Success Stories - Linkedin Ad

Google Play made this LinkedIn Ad campaign where there are carousels of happy developers using Google Play to build apps

These types of testimonial ads invoke curiosity as you get to see the images of customers and the business they're working on

Each carousel redirects to the case study page where their journeys are covered in detail

Multiple success stories from Playstore as a Linkedin Ad

14. Hubspot's Success Story Ad on Youtube

Hubspot's testimonial video ad is a really brilliant one which they ran on Youtube

Instead of directly telling why their product is amazing, they put the focus on the customer & their company first

The customer starts by introducing what their business is about and what their workflow is like showing glimpses of their services

Then he talks about the problem of not getting an ROI though they invested a lot of resources and finally he talks about how Hubspot's integration with Wistia helped them solve the problem

The Testimonial Ad is a relatively quick-paced video testimonial as a Youtube Ad where you as a customer would clearly understand the value proposition.

Hubspot Success Story Youtube Ad

15. Multiple Customer Video Testimonials - Youtube Ad

This video testimonial ad from Listrak stands out because we have multiple customers talking about their experience in under 2 sentences

Some of them are also interrupted by key employees of Listrak wherein the employees explain why they focus on customers

These types of video testimonial ads are fast-paced and make the point clear why customers prefer their service over others

Listrak Testimonials

16. Testimonials on your Landing Page

So far in the testimonial ad examples we've seen testimonials in the ad creative, but it's important that you also have social proof on the destination page where your customer lands after taking action on your ad

Here's our very own. Famewall's landing page uses social proof below and above the fold to keep visitors interested right from the start and maintain the same level of enthusiasm that they had when viewing the ad

P.S. You can use Famewall to collect testimonials from your customers and use them as social proof widgets on your landing page and generate images for advertising

Testimonials on Famewall's Landing Page

17. Social Proof on Your Ad's Sales Page

It's equally important that you also have social proof on your sales/pricing pages so that your prospects are still interested as they decide if it's suitable for them

This is the Pricing page example from Wellprept who are using Famewall for social proof on their website

This converts customers who are still on the fence about deciding if your product is the right fit for them

Social Proof on Sales Page

18. User Generated Content as testimonial

This is a User Generated Content on Instagram which the company "Away" uses for their marketing and advertising

It's just a really short video in under 10 seconds where a customer has fun with the travel bag

And the company jumps to add fuel to the conversation with a funny caption

This also increases brand visibility and gets a good positive impression in customers' mind which would improve the brand recall value

Away's UGC Ad

19. TikTok Ad with a customer's experience

This is the TikTok video that was published as an ad for Blendjet where a customer talks about their routine and Blendjet intelligently fits well into it

This is a great ad because rather than having to explain features about the blender, we as customers instantly understand the value given by Blendjet and become more curious about the product

This works for the business as it's easier to convert prospects who are curious than having to educate the ones from scratch

TikTok Ad with customer's experience

20. Showing happy customers using your product as a quick ad - TikTok

This was an ad by a jewellery brand called Modern Gents. Conventionally engagement rings are expensive as they're predominantly diamond

But this Ad garnered 17.3 million impressions because it broke the stereotype and made possible for low cost engagement rings without the use of diamonds

And they backed the testimonial ad with social proof of happy customers wearing their rings and also showing customer reviews in between the cuts

Happy Customers as a TikTok Ad

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating testimonial ads and running your campaigns:

  • Use authentic testimonials: It is important to use testimonials from real customers. If potential customers see that the testimonials are fake or exaggerated, they'll lose the trust they have in you & your business
  • Get permission from customers: Before you use a testimonial from a customer, make sure that you have their permission.
  • Use testimonials that are relevant to your target audience: The ads give you a good return only if the testimonials are relevant to your target audience. Otherwise, the CPC will turn out to be high.

P.S. You can easily collect testimonials using Famewall and use them in your advertising campaigns by generating images or using widgets with a few clicks

The best part is you can also use the testimonials on your landing page as social proof getting you more conversions and increased sales

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