30 Testimonial Questions to Ask Clients for the Best Social Proof

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Aug 23, 2023
30 Testimonial Questions to Ask Clients for the Best Social Proof
30 Testimonial Questions to Ask Clients for the Best Social Proof

In the competitive world of business, the only way you can stand out is through social proof

Social proof plays a major role in making your business appear credible & establish trust with your clients.

One of the most effective ways to showcase social proof is through testimonials from satisfied clients.

Testimonials are basically positive words about your product/service that provide valuable insights into the experiences of previous customers, helping prospective clients make informed decisions.

Though testimonials in general build trust with your clients, only the best testimonials can convince clients to use your product/service & purchase from you.

And getting compelling testimonials requires you to ask the right questions to your clients.

In this article, we will explore 30 testimonial questions that you can ask your clients to gather the best social proof for your business.

Testimonial Questions to Ask Your Clients

1. What problem did you have before using [your product/service]?

This is a question that introduces your potential prospects to the problem you solve. You get 2 hits with this single question

  • Problem-unaware clients would get to understand what your product/service is all about if they're visiting your website for the first time
  • Problem-aware clients will resonate with the pain point & be convinced to take action

2. How did [your product/service] help you solve the problem?

Here, you can make your potential customers see the tangible benefits that your clients experienced after using your product or service.

Encourage them to describe the transformation they underwent or the improvements they observed. This question highlights the value your business provides.

3. What do you like the most about [your product/service]?

This becomes a driving factor that would convince your potential customers to sign up.

When your testimonial contains what a specific client liked about your product/service, it becomes a differentiating factor and you can also use this to position your landing page copy & sales copy

4. How has [your product/service] impacted your business or daily life?

The best part about this question is that it brings out candid answers from your clients

It increases the relatability of potential customers reading the testimonial as they'd want to achieve similar results for their own business

5. How would you describe your overall experience?

This question allows your clients to provide an overall assessment of their journey with your business.

It also provides valuable feedback & helps you understand the customer experience from their perspective.

6. Would you recommend [your product/service]? Why?

This question provides an opportunity for clients to express their satisfaction and willingness to recommend your product or service.

Their endorsement carries a lot of social proof and can influence prospects considering your solution.

7. What made you choose us over existing solutions in the market?

Understanding why clients chose your business over competitors sheds light on your unique selling propositions.

Their responses can also fine-tune your marketing efforts by highlighting your key differentiators from customers and using these testimonials to back up your claim

8. Can you share any metrics or results you've achieved using [your product/service]?

By sharing specific metrics or results they have achieved as a direct result of using your product or service, potential clients would be able to understand the value of your product/service.

It can give the best results when these testimonials are combined with a marketing strategy

Tangible data adds credibility to their testimonial & increases the trust in your brand.

9. What specific features did you find most valuable?

By asking this question, you gain insights into the aspects of your product or service that resonate with clients the most.

Their responses can serve as valuable selling points when addressing potential customers' needs and preferences.

And as a business owner, it also allows you to double down on the features valued by clients to attract more customers

10. What were your initial concerns or hesitations before using [your product/service] and how did we address them?

This allows your clients to tell a story about how their initial doubts or reservations were overcome by your product/service.

And when you display this testimonial on your website, due to its honest nature, it builds trust and reassures potential customers who may have similar concerns.

11. How would you compare [our product/service] to others you have tried in the past?

By asking this question, you invite customers to provide a comparative analysis, highlighting the superior features and advantages of your offerings.

It helps potential customers make informed decisions & stick with your product/service as they've weighed in on the other solutions

12. Can you share a specific example or success story of how our product/service benefited you?

This question works when you have customers who are running businesses themselves. It gives your clients to see how your product/solution could benefit them and increase their own sales/conversions

And such testimonials will often make your customers interested in learning more about your product/service

13. How would you describe the quality of our product/service?

This question would help your customer understand more about the value they get from using your product/service

And there's a chance that it would increase customer retention since they are forced to think about your value proposition and how it helps them

14. How responsive & helpful was our customer support throughout your experience?

All clients look forward to swift customer support. In fact, if you have the best customer support, you can stand out from the competition

So this question emphasizes their experience with your business's customer support

15. How has [your product/service] saved you time, money, or resources?

If your product/service helps customers save any of the 3 mentioned above, then it's a huge plus

This can be used in your landing page copy to highlight why a potential customer would need your product/service

16. How user-friendly and intuitive do you find our product/service?

Their feedback can provide valuable insights into how well your solution aligns with user expectations and whether it provides a smooth and user-friendly experience.

Understanding any areas of confusion can guide you in enhancing the overall user experience and making the necessary adjustments to provide great results with customer satisfaction

17. How would you describe the expertise of our team?

Positive feedback regarding the expertise of your team helps build trust and establishes your product/solution as the authority in your industry.

It demonstrates to potential customers that your team is knowledgeable and that it is capable of producing high-quality results for them too.

18. Can you share any specific feedback or suggestions for improvement?

This testimonial helps you identify areas where your business can improve. But more often than not since you asked for it honestly upfront, customers will also feel compelled to give you a compliment about your solution along with it

If a customer has a negative experience with your business, they may be willing to share their feedback with you. This feedback can help you to identify and correct the mistakes you're making so that you can improve the customer experience.

When you ask for feedback, you're showing your customers that you value their opinions and that you're willing to listen to their concerns. This earns loyalty from your customers.

19. How has [your product/service] positively affected your relationships with your customers?

When potential customers see that other businesses are using your product/service to improve the relationships with their own customers, they are more likely to be interested in your product/service.

Apart from this, when you ask customers how your product or service has helped them, you are showing that you care about their success. So this also helps to build stronger relationships with your customers.

20. How reliable and consistent is [your product/service] in meeting your needs?

It gives a brief overview of the time they need to invest in your product/service. When a customer mentions that your solution removes a lot of their headaches, new customers are likely to give you business

It talks directly about the pain point your solution addresses and so works really well

21. Were there any unexpected advantages you experienced while using [your product/service]?

Sometimes, the most valuable benefits of a product or service are the ones that customers don't expect. By asking this question, you can learn about these unexpected benefits and use them to market your product/service more effectively.

When customers see that other businesses have experienced unexpected advantages while using your product or service, they are more likely to want to experience it for themselves too.

22. Can you share any specific instances where [your product/service] helped you overcome a difficult situation?

When customers share stories about how your product or service helped them to overcome a difficult situation, it gives a first-hand account to a potential customer that your product/service is capable of solving real problems.

As customers see that other businesses have used your product/service to overcome difficult situations, they'll be able to see how effective your solution is.

23. How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend, colleague, or professional in your industry?

This question gives you a direct measure of how satisfied your customers are with your product or service

If other people are willing to recommend your company, it shows that you are the best solution in the market for them. This can also help you understand word of mouth which can be effective to attract new customers

24. In what ways has [your product/service] helped you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

This question allows you to see the transformation story of your customers especially if they're business owners themselves

It highlights the unfair advantage they got by using your product/solution

For example, faster response time & more revenue due to the course on customer support

25. Can you share any feedback from your customers/clients regarding the impact of [your product/service]?

This question helps you understand how your product/service is impacting your customers' lives. This information can be invaluable for improving your product/service, as well as for marketing your business.

For example, if you learn that your product is helping customers save time, you can emphasize that benefit in your marketing materials.

26. Can you describe a moment when [your product/service] went above and beyond your expectations?

This is a good question to ask to customers who are sure to send you a testimonial. It gives a glimpse into what your customers originally intended to do with the product but later discovered something new

For example, people might have bought your course to write social media content that converts but upon diving deep into the course, they might find that it is a great resource to also improve copywriting

Video Testimonial Questions

27. Could you introduce yourself & tell us more about your designation?

With a video testimonial, you have the luxury of having longer sentences as speech and video form content is more engaging than text.

In fact, in a study conducted by Insivia, it was also proven viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

This question brings out the customer persona and gives an idea about the target audience of your product/service.

If they resonate with this type of audience, they'll be intrigued and try to see the video testimonial fully.

Also when viewers know that the person giving the testimonial is a real person with a real job title, they are more likely to trust their opinion.

28. If you had to describe it in 2-3 sentences, what did you like the most about our solution?

This type of question forces customers to think about their experience and articulate what they found most valuable in your product/service.

This can in turn attract new customers too

For example, if your customers value your product's ease of use,  potential customers seeing the video would now overcome the objection that your product takes time to adopt & hence take action

29. Could you share any screenshots or results you were impressed with after using [your product/service]?

This is a great question that would help potential customers visualize the benefits of your product/service

When potential customers can see screenshots or results from other customers, they are more likely to believe that the testimonial is genuine.

30. If there's 1 thing you'd want our potential customers to know about our solution, what would it be?

This question makes your existing customer speak directly to a potential customer & convince them why they need your product/service

And since people buy from people, it's more likely for potential customers to trust and convert by seeing other people than reading from a brand's marketing copy

Use the Testimonial Collection Page to frame questions

What if you could use these questions to collect testimonials with a personalized video?

Famewall offers a testimonial collection page which you can customize with a combination of questions above and even add a recorded video making your customers feel personal

Here's a short guide on how you can set up the collection page to start collecting social proof in minutes

Collection Page fields

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