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"88% of consumers trust online testimonials and reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family"
"97% of B2B customers cite testimonials & peer recommendations as the most reliable type of content"
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Make your business stand out with beautiful testimonials

  • No Code Required

    Intuitive dashboard to create wall of fame which can be embedded on your website with no code
  • Build trust for your brand

    Your audiences' experience speak for itself & create a flywheel effect which boosts sales
  • Link Real time conversations

    People are praising your product on social media. Let's build a wall of fame around it.
  • Video & Picture testimonials

    Your brand's image is boosted with video & picture testimonials
  • Easy setup in under 2 minutes

    An intuitive dashboard to quickly setup testimonials & collect from customers in under 2 minutes
  • Super fast Embeds

    Embeds load on your website ridiculously fast

Video testimonials made simple to collect

Collect video testimonials by just sharing a link on email, chat, social media or website

Get instant testimonials when your customers submit them

Add them to your wall in minutes. Famewall takes care of hosting & streaming it fast!
Video Recorder

Variety of Testimonial Widgets

Famewall's got multiple widget types which will make your testimonials look beautiful

Just copy & paste 2 lines of code

Use them across sign up page, landing page, pricing page & more!
Famewall Widget Varieties

An easy to use dashboard without complicated steps!

A one-stop dashboard to quickly import text, social media & video testimonials without any coding

Manage all your testimonials across a variety of platforms in a single place

Supports multiple social platforms, video & text testimonials

One single place to embed testimonials from multiple social platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit & app stores seamlessly with a single click
Multiple Platforms

Show screenshots & pictures as testimonials

Images speak a thousand words.

Show inbox messages, pictures of customers happy with your product/service as testimonials
Picture Testimonials on Famewall

Collect testimonials from customers with custom pages

Automate collecting testimonials with Famewall's Collection page.

Customize how you want the collection page to look & just share a simple link with customers

You no longer have to worry about going back & forth with customers to ask for testimonials
Testimonial collection page

Approve Collected Testimonials in a single click

View all the collected texr & video testimonials in a single place

Approve the ones you'd like to see on your wall in a single click!
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Collect video testimonials with ease & grow your brand's reputation

Here's a customer's testimonial section which increased conversions upon adding video testimonials to their website

Display your testimonial wall in 2 minutes

It's a hassle to travel back & forth to collect a simple testimonial. Famewall automates the job in a seamless & beautiful way!
  • Cherry on the cake

    • Twitter Integration
    • Text Testimonials
    • Multiple social media integrations
    • 10+ Platforms including Shopify, G2, Capterra
    • Video testimonials
    • Customizable walls
    • Customization of testimonial appearance
    • Curated mentions
  • Ease of use

    • Simple Dashboard to manage testimonials
    • No-code support for embeds
    • Ad free Video hosting
    • React Component Embed
    • Intuitive interface with drag & drop options
    • One click integration
    • Testimonial Prompt for customers
  • Automate Testimonial Collection

    • Custom Page to collect testimonials
    • Video testimonials Recording with customization
    • Twitter mentions curated in one place

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Take your brand's reputation to the next level ✨

Use multiple options available on Famewall like text, video & pictures to build social proof
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