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Famewall - The Testimonial Tool
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"88% of consumers trust online testimonials and reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family"
"97% of customers cite testimonials & peer recommendations as the most reliable type of content"
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Collect & manage testimonials for different projects

Famewall makes it extremely easy to manage testimonials for multiple projects

Be it online courses, services for your clients, digital products etc.

Collect and manage testimonials separately under a "wall" and easily embed them on your website in minutes without any coding

Add testimonials from multiple platforms as well as text testimonials

One single place to embed testimonials from multiple social platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit & app stores seamlessly with a single click
Multiple Platforms

Collect testimonials from customers, easily with custom forms

If you have 0 testimonials, this is a great way to start building social proof

Automate collecting feedback & testimonials with Famewall's Collection page.

Customize the collection page's appearance & share a simple link with customers

You no longer have to worry about going back & forth with customers to ask for testimonials
Testimonial collection page

Video testimonials made simple for you to collect

Collect video testimonials by just sharing a link on email, chat, social media or website

Get instant testimonials when your customers submit them

Add them to your wall in minutes. Famewall takes care of hosting & streaming it fast!
Video Recorder

Win more customers with social proof on Custom Landing Pages

The new replacement for your Link in Bio

Display all your products & offerings in a single place

Show social proof collected using Famewall and convert customers faster
Famewall Brand Pages

Variety of Testimonial Widgets to embed on your website

Famewall's got multiple widget types to suit your brand style

Just copy & paste 2 lines of code

Use them on your sign up page, landing page, community page, pricing page & more!
Famewall Widget Varieties

Our very own wall of love💙

Course creators, entrepreneurs, coaches & freelancers love us

Our wall of love widget made with Famewall
Customers love us 😍

One place to manage, customize all your social proof with ease

Collect testimonials from customers, organize them into categories, customize their appearance & show it on your website in a few clicks

Supports 30+ platforms you love

  • Webflow
  • Notion
  • Wordpress
  • Wix
  • Kajabi
  • Softr
  • Carrd
  • Bubble
  • Typedream
  • Podia

Take your brand's reputation to the next level ✨

Use multiple options available on Famewall like text, video & pictures to build social proof
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