Top 10 Kajabi Website Examples

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Sep 5, 2023

As a business owner, you'd know how Kajabi helps you quickly set up your online presence in minutes with all the tools like email funnels, marketing pages, payments etc

Here are 10 of the best Kajabi website examples used by some of the finest entrepreneurs running a successful business on Kajabi

1. Shana Recker

Niche: Graphic Design Consultant

Shana Recker runs a graphic design consultancy website using Kajabi. The most impressive aspect of her website is the simple design & social proof sprinkled all over

She offers services pertaining to Kajabi & Canva for her clients and helps them set up their website, email funnels & sales pages

Her Kajabi website consists of 2 simple services where she has respective call-to-actions of booking a call & emailing her for her services. The website has made a good mix of images & text to showcase her expertise

Shana Recker's Kajabi website

2. DataCareerJumpstart by Avery Smith

Niche: Online course in Data Science

Avery Smith's Kajabi website has been featured on Kajabi website in their hero header as he's also a creator who makes more than 6 figures with his course by helping students land their data science job

DataCareer's landing page clarifies the value proposition he offers to his students by using a simple mix of images & call to action buttons

DataCareerJumpstart by Avery Smith

This builds trust with his students as they get to see the experiences of real people and how helpful his course was for them

Famewall Testimonials on DataCareerJumpstart

Famewall provides an easy testimonial widget that can be embedded on Kajabi websites in under 3 minutes. And collecting testimonials don't have to be daunting

We have discussed how you can collect testimonials easily and more specifically how to collect video testimonials from your customers from scratch in minutes

3. Aligned Yoga

Niche: Fitness Training Program

The Kajabi website focuses on the fitness training offered by Briohny Smyth. They've made the website look aesthetically pleasing by using minimal images and font to suit each of the website sections

Videos also play in the background as a GIF which gives the website visitors a sense of what the program is all about

There is also a testimonial section at the bottom in a carousel format.

When it comes to the fitness niche, testimonials are extremely important as customers would want to see what makes the program special. Here's a simple guide to collecting testimonials for the fitness niche

Aligned Yoga Landing Page

4. Fully Raw by Kristina

Niche: Food & Lifestyle

FullyRaw is a Kajabi website that focuses on raw food, vegan food or health journeys who would like to make a change in their diet consumption

The website has multiple offers like a closed community, ebook and much more. The striking aspect of the website is that it is fully composed of images centered on the founder

This helps in personal branding as most of the pictures are in a candid environment and give a friendly impression to website visitors

There are also separate pages showcasing testimonials and going through all of their offers in detail

Fully Raw by Kristina

5. WifeMotherLeader

Niche: Wellness Podcast

This Kajabi website is a landing page for a podcast that helps women balance their careers while also balancing their families. It aims at the holistic wellness of women in terms of career & personal relationships

The good aspect of the website is that the copy is direct to the audience they target and they also have images that show women in a family background which would appeal to their audience

Finally, they have a direct call-to-action to start listening to their podcast. The cherry on the cake is the carousel format of testimonials at the end of the website

WifeMotherLeader Website

6. Genuine Attraction

Niche: Relationship Support Training

Genuine Attraction is an amazing Kajabi website example that is operating well in its niche. It is specifically for men, teaching them how to move on after a relationship ends badly

It offers coaching and video training to help students start recovering. The value proposition is clear on the Kajabi landing page and the website is filled with social proof which is really important for a coaching program like this

They have a separate website with all the video testimonials from their students which builds credibility

Genuine Attraction Landing Page

7. Functional Lawyer

Niche: Legal Education & Consulting

Functional Lawyer is a Kajabi website provides legal education & consultation to physicians running their medical practice

The website clearly states why you'd need their service and also supports them with images that establish their brand reputation

And in a niche like legal consulting, customers would want to verify the authenticity of the website by themselves. They've also added testimonials and case studies in the middle of their website for that purpose

Functional Lawyer Landing Page

8. Rhythm Monster

Niche: Music Coaching

Rhythm Monster's Kajabi website offers specialized programs centered around helping its students learn to drum. They have educational videos, exercises, training programs & live stream events

The website uses a lot of social proof showing students who have learned to drum and also features videos of people doing the musical exercises

The font style also appeals to their target audience which increases their website conversions

Rhythm Monster Landing Page

9. Pain Cure Clinic

Niche: Health & Chronic Pain Course

Pain Cure Clinic is a Kajabi website that helps its students solve pain sufferers from the problem of TMS (Tension Myosotis Syndrome)

Since it offers a video course focused on health & pain relief, the main thing customers would look for is credibility. It does a pretty good job at that by not only showcasing text testimonials but also emphasizing video testimonials

Pain Cure Clinic Website

10. Voice Body Connection

Niche: Voice Training & Courses

Voice Body Connection's Kajabi website helps people build their vocal strength and confidence through podcasts, community & virtual courses

Since this is a specific niche targeted toward people wanting to gain confidence, it does a pretty good job of explaining what the website is all about and what offers they have for them

The landing page contains images of the founder Elissa & showcases her expertise which creates a positive impression with website visitors

Voice Body Connection Landing Page

Did you enjoy going through the different Kajabi websites built by entrepreneurs? The most important aspect of all websites, regardless of the niche, is social proof

Testimonials showing how your business helped other customers increase the likelihood of a potential website visitor turning into a customer.

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