Threads (By Instagram) Usage Statistics for 2024

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Dec 7, 2023

Threads is an app by Instagram that was touted to be the new alternative to X (formerly Twitter)

The app had a grand launch in July 6th 2023 after being unveiled by the team at Meta.

Here's the up-to-date statistics on Threads usage for the year 2024

Top Picks:

  • There are 141 million users worldwide on Threads App by Instagram
  • It is the world's fastest growing app to have hit 1 million users in just 1 hour
  • Threads has 73 million monthly active users worldwide in 2023
  • India has the highest number of Threads App downloads standing at 54.2 million downloads
  • There are 576,000 users daily active users on X currently
  • The United States has 23.7 million users on the Threads app
  • Neymar is the most followed account on threads with 10.7 million followers

User Stats

How many users does Threads have?

As of the latest data, there are currently 141 million users worldwide on Threads

Worldwide users on Threads

It has been steadily growing since July 6, 2023. It became the fastest-growing app to hit 1 million users worldwide

Here's the full details showing the worldwide users with respective months:

Date & MonthTotal Users Worldwide
December 2023141 million users
November 2023137 million users
October 2023132 million users
September 2023130 million users
August 2023122 million users
July 2023104 million users
July 6, 2023 (Launch Day)1 million users

The graph below shows the growth of users worldwide on Threads

Threads Monthly Active Users Chart

How many monthly active users does Threads have?

As of December 2023, Threads is reported to have 73 million monthly active users.

Monthly Active Users on Threads

The growth seems to have steadily decreased after the grand initial launch on July 6, 2023.

Also, another likely reason why Threads, hasn't yet become a truly global app is due to Meta's friction with the European Union, as regulators don't particularly like Meta's data processing policies

Monthly Active Users on Threads

How many daily active users are on Threads?

Threads has about 576,000 daily active users. It has been a steady decline since its launch on July 6th, 2023.

In the beginning, on July 7, 2023, there were about 49.3 million daily active users while there were 8 million daily active users at the end of October 2023

Here is a comparison of daily active users between X and Threads as presented by Similarweb's website analytics data

Comparison of Daily Active Users between Threads & Twitter

Threads launched at a time when X users appeared to be discontented with the product

Twitter at the time had not rebranded itself as X and had rate limits on posts, giving users an extra incentive to look at an alternative.

Threads positioned itself as an alternative during that time while also leveraging its existing userbase from Facebook & Instagram which explains the initial user growth followed by a decline in daily active users after the novelty wore off.

How many users does Threads have in the United States?

There are 23.7 million monthly active users in the US as of the latest data.

Monthly Active Users - USA

United States is the 3rd country with most Threads users behind India & Brazil

Source: Quiverant, Mark Zuckerberg

How fast did Threads grow?

Threads broke several records when it launched. It reached 1 million users mark within just 1 hour of launch while ChatGPT in comparison took 5 days to cross 1 million users

And also Threads took just 7 hours to reach 10 million users while ChatGPT in comparison took 5 days to hit the 1 million users mark

Threads - Fastest Growing App

What is the average time spent on Threads?

Thread users on average spend 3 minutes daily while using the app

At the beginning of July 7, 2023 users spent a staggering 21 minutes using the app while now it has steadily decreased to just 3 minutes on the app

Daily time spent on Threads

What is the number of Thread app downloads by Country?

Threads has 162 million downloads worldwide on the App Store and Play Stores

Here are the demographics of Threads app downloads

RankCountryNumber of Downloads
1India54.2 million users
2Brazil36.4 million users
3United States26.1 million users
4Mexico12.3 million users
5Japan7.3 million users
6United Kingdom6.5 million users
7Taiwan2.9 million users
8Canada2.6 million users
8Australia1.4 million users
9Vietnam0.9 million users
10Other Countries11.4 million users

Threads Users Worldwide

India is the leading country in terms of app downloads with almost 33% share of downloads while Brazil holds the second position with 22% of downloads while the United States stands third with 16% of the app downloads

Who has the highest number of followers on Threads? Top 10 Threads users with the most followers

Neymar has 10.6 million followers on Threads and stands as the user with the most number of followers on the platform.

Here is a full list of the top 10 accounts on Threads ranked by the number of followers


Most followed accounts on Threads


Threads was touted to be a new text-based social media positioned as an alternative to X. And also the platform grew fast since they leveraged the existing users on Instagram & Facebook

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