The 7 Best Video Testimonial Software Tools (in 2024)

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Jul 5, 2024

Customers believe other customers than a business' marketing message when making a purchasing decision.

According to a research study, 92% of consumers have said that they prefer reading online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase

With video testimonials, businesses have seen 2x results!

In fact, a study among 3,000 consumers by Hubspot, showed that 62% of consumers consume video regularly while 79% of consumers have watched a video testimonial to find out more about a company, product, or service

Text testimonials are great too but you can verify the authenticity only up to some extent

On the other hand, video testimonials are rising in popularity due to their nature which records people talking in front of a camera.

I have explored and made a list of the 7 best video testimonial software tools available on the market

The 7 Best Video Testimonial Software Tools:

  1. Famewall
  2. Vocal Video
  3. Video Ask
  4. Bonjoro
  5. Testimonial
  6. VideoPeel
  7. Vouch

1. Famewall

Famewall is the #1 free video testimonial software tool which is not only affordable compared to other video testimonial tools but packed with all the features you'll need


Apart from being the founder, I'd recommend this tool mainly for the ability to collect video testimonials, manage them, and share them for social proof all from a single place

The onboarding experience is good which helps you set up your testimonial wall and video collector.

This free video testimonial software makes it easy for you to manage the video testimonials by sorting and rearranging them


Collecting video testimonials is 2x easier using the personalized testimonial collection page feature which allows you to add a custom video message

This increases the chances of getting a video testimonial as customers feel more personal


A fully functional video recorder for customers which has question prompts below that you can customize for your product/service

You can use the Free Testimonial Questions generator to ask the right questions which get you a video testimonial

Your customers can choose their video and audio sources and also do multiple retakes until they find it satisfactory to submit


Finally you can add the collected video testimonials to your public testimonial wall in a single click


Apart from collecting video testimonials, you can also import existing video testimonials into Famewall

You simply have to add the name, work title and upload your video file to import them into your public wall


The biggest advantage of using Famewall as a video testimonial tool is that you get to share video testimonials in multiple ways

For example in this page, you have a video testimonial shared on a standalone page.

You could share this link in your email newsletters, social media when you want customers to view just a single video testimonial supporting your copy


Or you could share all the video testimonials as a testimonial widget on your landing page. There are multiple widget types you could choose from


Cherry on the cake is the feature where you can convert testimonials into stunning videos with audiograms which would get your customer's attention. You can use these testimonial videos in social media posts and ads to increase conversions

Video GIF Social Sharing

Famewall's Pricing

Famewall is the best in terms of pricing for a video testimonial software tool. It has a generous free plan to help you get started

And the paid plans provide you with unlimited video testimonials. They enforce no limit on the number of testimonials you can collect starting from the Professional plan onwards

This is a good option compared to other video testimonial tools which limit the number of videos you can collect or become expensive if you want to collect unlimited video testimonials


The highlight is that it has both monthly and annual plans to help you get started


  • Easy to use and custom domain support
  • Affordable paid plans with a generous free plan
  • Personalized Testimonial Collection Page with custom video message
  • Add subtitles to video testimonials
  • Share video testimonials on testimonial widgets & links
  • Use automation like sending gift cards/discounts to users after receiving testimonials
  • Ability to add team members even in Professional Paid plan
  • Customize testimonials to suit your brand with unlimited widget types


  • No native video editing option (in the roadmap)
  • No business integrations like Hubspot, Jira etc

2. Vocal Video

Vocal Video is a video testimonial collection tool that helps you collect video testimonials from your customers


This ranks as the second tool because right when I registered for the product, I found the onboarding experience smooth.

Though the onboarding was a bit lengthy, I was able to set the video collector in the video testimonial tool with their prompts


The video collector is easy for a customer as it takes 3 clicks to get started with recording a video testimonial and also allows you to do multiple retakes

The main disadvantage is the pricing as it gets too expensive as you collect more videos or if you have to collect unlimited video testimonials

Vocal Video calls the testimonial widgets as "galleries" but they appear quite simple and have very limited customization options


Vocal Video's Pricing

Vocal Video is slightly more expensive but is limiting in the options in that it has only quarterly billing for the Plus plan and annual billing for all the other plans

Also, it costs $99/month to collect and publish unlimited video testimonials



  • Plenty of customizable templates
  • Ability to use audio recording
  • Good video editing features


  • Expensive paid plans (Pro plan costs $99/month with only 6 hours of video processing)
  • A lot of jam-packed features in the dashboard which get overwhelming
  • Fewer customization options in terms of testimonial widgets

3. Video Ask

VideoAsk is a video testimonial software by Typeform to collect and share video testimonials from customers.


It is an interactive video platform that allows users to ask questions and receive answers in video

The tool was built out as a generic video tool - such as face-to-face interviews for recruitment, lead generation campaigns, community videos, etc.

So it misses out on essential features specific to collecting and managing video testimonials

It has interactive flows and allows you to add custom video messages to request testimonials but it appears quite complex to get started

Also, the testimonial template is a paid feature on VideoAsk while other video testimonial software tools have it in their free plan


There are no options to share the video testimonials on a widget as a wall of love. You can only share videos as a link

VideoAsk's Pricing

VideoAsk's pricing plans have annual and monthly options but start from $30/month for 100 minutes of videos beyond which you'll have to upgrade to the Brand plan at $50/month

While it has good pricing plans to help you get started, it can get expensive as you collect more videos and plan to export them



  • Interactive video flows
  • Presenting Multiple-choice questions
  • Easy-to-use templates


  • Video platform not built specifically for testimonials
  • Limited customization options
  • No text testimonials
  • No widget types
  • Good paid options but gets expensive as you scale

4. Bonjoro

Bonjoro is one of the video testimonial tools that lets you collect and send personal videos to customers


Since Bonjoro is a mature product, they have good features. The onboarding was smooth and the dashboard was clean

You can create a testimonial video requestor on Bonjoro which is flexible with custom questions


If privacy is a concern for you, then you should be aware that Bonjoro also asks for permission to read your contacts and send emails on your behalf when authorizing with Google Sign in while it's not an issue if you sign in via email

While they offer a generous free plan, they have a single paid plan that offers a limit of 250 on the number of video testimonials and you'll have to pay more once you cross the threshold

There aren't any customization options in terms of testimonial widgets or wall of love

Bonjoro's Pricing

Bonjoro has a free plan and offers a Pro plan with 250 video testimonials and 10 testimonial widgets

There aren't many customization options in terms of video testimonials. And there also aren't many options on how you'd like to share the video testimonials (widgets, links, etc)



  • Unlimited time limits on all videos
  • Plenty of integrations
  • Useful templates
  • Free plan to get started


  • No customization options for Wall of love
  • No options to share single video testimonials on social media, emails, etc
  • Limit of 250 video testimonials in the paid plan

5. Testimonial is a video testimonial platform for collecting text & video testimonials with a simple user interface


The onboarding took some time to figure out how to set up your space and import the testimonials.

Once you're set, you can share the space link with your customers using which you can collect video testimonials.

You can also customize the questions you'd like to ask customers


Apart from this they also have the wall of love feature which is a great addition to collecting video testimonials

Testimonial's Pricing

Testimonial has 4 different plans with the paid plans starting at $25/month but only allowing 2 video testimonials while in the higher plans, if you require additional spaces for new projects, you'll have to pay extra

While they have fixed pricing plans, there are addons that have an additional cost like curator from $15/month to $45/month



  • Custom domains for Wall of love
  • Video testimonial widgets
  • Integrations and Webhooks


  • Expensive as you grow with the number of spaces
  • Limited customization options

6. Video Peel

VideoPeel is a customer video feedback software for collecting video testimonials, and video surveys and enabling video-based customer support


Similar to VideoAsk, VideoPeel has multiple use cases for videos like research surveys, testimonials, content creation, etc.

But there's no free plan to try the product for free to see if it would suit your use case. There's only a 6-day trial which requires your credit card

There is a custom video recorder to record video testimonials from customers and you can also display them on testimonial widgets

There are no 3rd party imports and you can't import existing video testimonials into VideoPeel which makes it a less flexible video testimonial software tool

VideoPeel's Pricing

VideoPeel does not have a free plan and only has a 6-day paid trial requiring a credit card.

It gets as expensive as $69/month if you'd like to collect unlimited testimonials and limits the number of campaigns up to 5



  • Good video collector
  • Zapier Automation


  • Very few widget types
  • No free plan
  • No wall of love to display testimonials
  • No 3rd Party Imports
  • Expensive to use

7. Vouch

Vouch is a video testimonial tool that focuses on recording testimonials & sales videos

Vouch Testimonials

Vouch has a clean dashboard which helps you to quickly get started with requesting testimonials from customers

There are plenty of cool features like using AI assistant to create testimonial questions and select from available templates


The confusing part about the video collector in Vouch is that it requires you to answer each question in a separate video.

This might appear artificial to a customer who is viewing the video testimonial for the first time on your website

Vouch's Pricing

Vouch is a flexible video testimonial software tool but is very expensive and that's why it's the last tool on this list

The plan starts at $600/month just for collecting video testimonials, editing them, and sharing them



  • Multiple integrations like Zapier, Hubspot, Jira, Zendesk
  • Suited for enterprise use cases
  • Video editing features


  • The most expensive video testimonial software tool
  • Absence of widget types to share testimonials
  • Less flexible options with customizing the appearance of video testimonials

Questions to consider when picking a Video Testimonial Software Tool:

1. What are the features I would need?

If you're just getting started from scratch, you might need video testimonial software with a video collector tool. If you already have existing testimonials then you would need a tool that has an import option

2. What is the cost of the video testimonial software tool that would fit my budget?

Several video testimonial tools vary in features and budget. You can decide based on one that fits within your budget

3. How good is the customer support?

Some companies offer a good product but are pretty bad when it comes to customer support as oftentimes they're slow to respond and give a response only via emails. But there are tools with 24/7 customer support too

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Testimonial Software Tools

1. How do I collect the best video testimonials from customers?

While selecting a good video testimonial software is important, it's equally important that you ask the right questions to your customers to get the best testimonials

Questions that focus on extracting customer pain points and how your product/service helped them solve their problem increase your landing page conversions

Here are 30 testimonial questions you can ask your customers and here's a complete guide on collecting video testimonials from customers

2. How do I use the collected video testimonials?

You can use the collected video testimonials to boost your marketing efforts. You can reduce cost per click in advertisements by featuring video testimonials and you can increase landing page conversions with video testimonials

Here is a complete guide on using testimonials in your marketing activities


We analyzed 7 of the best video testimonial software tools in the market along with the pros and cons. We also found that each of the tools had varying features catering to different segments of customers

Keeping your requirements in mind, this article should be helpful for you to decide on the ideal video testimonial software tool

Try Famewall for free to start collecting video testimonials from customers with a simple link & display them as social proof on your websites without writing any code

Collect video testimonials from customers