When and how do you ask your clients for testimonials?

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Jul 19, 2023

It's important that you ask testimonials at the right time even if they're a paying customer of your product/service.

Because more often than not, customers are busy with their own lives. And giving a testimonial is an act of altruism, so it's better to go for it when customers are excited

When do you ask your clients for testimonials?

Ideally, you ask for testimonials when customers are most happy about your service

  • When they complete a purchase
  • When they appreciate you helping them with an issue
  • Toward the end of a video meeting with a customer
  • When they reach the "Aha" moment using your product/service

How do you ask your clients for a testimonial?

  • A simple solution is to ask them for a testimonial via email questions
  • Share a Google form with customers to submit their answers
  • Use a testimonial collection tool like Famewall which makes it extremely easy for you & your customer

Here's how you can fully customize the tool by asking specific questions using Famewall

Testimonial Collection Tool

A sample testimonial collection page can be found here

And here's a quick guide on how you can collect testimonials from scratch to build social proof for your business

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