How to add Instagram Posts as testimonials on your website?

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

May 28, 2023

Instagram can be a great social platform where customers post heartfelt & candid reviews about your business if they really like your product/service

And since Instagram following people consists of a close circle of families & friends, it creates a positive impact on your brand

What if you could tap into Instagram posts as social proof and use the posts as testimonials to convert more of your website visitors into customers?

Convert Instagram Posts to testimonials

Step 1: Copy the link to the Instagram Post

Head over to the Instagram post which you want to feature on your website. And click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the post

Then click on "Copy Link"

Copy link to the Instagram Post

Step 2: Paste the link in Famewall to import it as a testimonial

Head over to your dashboard and create a new wall or select an existing wall

Click on Import Testimonials option on top right corner of your wall

Add Testimonial to Famewall

A popup should open up. Then select the "Instagram" option and import your testimonial by pasting the link to the post

Instagram Testimonial

Once you've imported the testimonial. simply click on "Testimonial Widget tab" on the left panel and customize the widget how you'd like it to appear

And then finally click on "Publish Widget" on the top right corner

Publish Widget Button

Finally, the post will be presented on your testimonial wall. Then simply copy the widget code by clicking "Get Embed Code"


Step 3: Get the testimonials live on your website

You can simply paste the embed code on your websites like Webflow, Wordpress and 20+ platforms by following the guide in the Get Embed code option

Try Famewall for free to collect testimonials from your customers and add them to websites without writing any code