Embed Twitter Testimonials on your website

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Jun 26, 2023

The social media mentions from Twitter have insanely high signals when it comes to creating word of mouth for your product

Twitter is the de-facto town square where people vouch for products all the time.  And since a tweet can directly take you to the Twitter profile of a person, it has high social proof!

Unfortunately, a lot of them go unnoticed by businesses and potential customers alike

But what if all those high-signal mentions were curated in a single place and you could quickly add them as twitter testimonials to your website like this? 🤩

Curated Mentions from Twitter

Famewall provides a super fast embed with which you can embed Twitter testimonials in under just 2 minutes. The fun fact is that absolutely NO code is required!

All you have to do is just visit Famewall and sign up for free!  Create a wall with the URL of the wall you'd like to be displayed in the address bar

Create New Wall of Fame

In this case, let's assume we have created a wall with wall URL "famewall"

Now head over to the curated mentions page to view all the twitter testimonials

Curated Mentions Page

Here authorize your twitter account, whose mentions you'd want to have listed & to select from

Now hover over the testimonial you'd like to add as a twitter testimonial and click on "Add to Wall"

Curated Mentions

Select the wall you want to add to this specific testimonial. In this case, it's famewall

You can also add Twitter testimonials one by one if you already have a list of tweets that you'd like to add as testimonials. Go to your wall's page on Famewall

Wall of Fame

You'll be presented with the dashboard of all your testimonials. Click on "Add Testimonial" button


This would open up a popup with an input field for Twitter testimonial


Copy the tweet's URL which you'd like to convert into a testimonial. To grab the tweet URL visit twitter and select on share button beneath the tweet.

Then click on "Copy link to Tweet"

Copy Link to Tweet

Then finally copy the embed code from the "Get Embed" option in the dashboard. There are multiple widget types which you can use to embed testimonials directly on your website


If you're a developer, you can also make use of the React component to add the testimonial wall to your website

Embed code from Famewall

Hooray!! And the testimonial wall is easily embedded on your website with all the twitter testimonials in one place!

Wall of Fame

You can now enjoy the testimonial section on your website with the advantage that the testimonials link back to Twitter which customers can verify for themselves

Sign up for free on Famewall to collect testimonials from customers & add them to your website without any coding!