Kakao Talk Usage Statistics for 2024

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Jun 19, 2024

Kakao Talk is a popular mobile messaging platform that is quickly gaining popularity.

South Korea is the country that uses Kakao Talk the most as a social messaging app

Here's the up-to-date statistics on Kakao Talk usage for the year 2024

Top Picks:

  • There are 53.5 million monthly active users worldwide on Kakao Talk as of 2024
  • The company made an annual revenue of $1.5 billion by the end of 2023
  • There are 48.2 million Korean users who use Kakao Talk
  • Kakao Corp was valued at $14.42 billion in 2024
  • The company Kakao posted a net loss of $1.24 billion in the last 3 months of 2023
  • There are 1 billion messages exchanged every day on the Kakao Talk app

How many people use Kakao Talk?

As of 2024, there are currently 53.5 million monthly active users worldwide. Out of it, 48.2 million users are from Korea


An interesting fact is that Kakao Talk has a 97% market share in South Korea making it the most popular messaging app

Kakao Talk has seen slow growth every year in the number of users. In some years it has been stagnant too

YearNumber of Users
202353.5 million monthly active users
202247.5 million monthly active users
202147.04 million monthly active users
202045.98 million monthly active users
201944.86 million monthly active users
201843.81 million monthly active users
201743.2 million monthly active users

What is the age of Kakao Talk users?

As of December 2023, around 97.5% of surveyed mobile messenger users in South Korea in their 20s use Kakao Talk.

Across almost all age groups except for those between 10-15 years old, far more than 96% of people confirmed that they use Kakao Talk


How many messages are sent on the Kakao Talk app every day?

According to recent reports, there are 1 billion messages sent everyday in the Kakao Talk app out of which a majority of messages are sent by users from South Korea


How many downloads does Kakao Talk app have?

There are more than 100 million downloads of the Kakao Talk app on Android and more than 150 million downloads on the App Store


Kakao Talk has risen in popularity in South Korea making it have high downloads in Play Store and App Store

How much revenue does Kakao Talk make?

Kakao Talk makes more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue.

It makes revenue mainly by selling premium features to its users and through other channels like advertising, games, stickers and e-commerce offerings in its app


Kakao Talk offers a variety of premium features on top of its free offerings to make revenue with its messaging app

Here are some of the key features of Kakao Talk unlocked upon paying:

  • Emoticons and Stickers: Users can purchase premium emoticons and stickers to add more expression & fun to chats
  • Themes: Users can customize the look of their KakaoTalk interface with various themes
  • KakaoPay: Integrated with KakaoTalk, KakaoPay allows users to make online payments, transfer money, and use other financial services. Certain financial services levy transaction charges/commissions
  • KakaoTalk Channels for Businesses: Businesses can create and manage KakaoTalk Channels to interact with customers which come as a paid feature

What is Kakao Talk's valuation?

Kakao Corp, the company behind Kakao Talk is currently valued at $14.42 billion in 2024. This was a drop from $18.36 billion in 2023

The drop was due to broader market conditions and increased competition


Here is the year-by-year valuation statistics of Kakao Corp

YearCompany Valuation
2024$14.42 billion
2023$18.36 billion
2022$18.28 billion
2021$40.99 billion
2020$30.75 billion
2019$10.88 billion
2018$7.30 billion

Which country uses Kakao Talk App?

Kakao Talk is primarily used by South Korea.

96.72% of Kakao Talk users are from South Korea.

0.92% of Kakao Talk users are from United States

0.25% of Kakao Talk users are from Vietnam

0.24% of Kakao Talk users are from Canada

0.22 of Kakao Talk users are from Japan

1.64% of Kakao Talk users are from other countries

CountryPercentage of Users
South Korea96.72%
United States0.92%
Rest of the world1.64%


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Kakao Talk is rising in popularity, especially in South Korea where a lot of users are prefer it over other messaging apps.

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