How many Google Reviews do I need?

Updated on Sep 16, 2023

The short answer is you'll be good to start with 10 Google reviews but the long answer is it can vary based on your business' stage and the competitive landscape

According to a study by Bizrate Insights, 59 percent of customers trust Google Reviews when making a purchasing decision and more than 54.7 percent of customers read at least 3-4 product reviews

Imagine your customer's perspective when you're a new business and you're just starting out.

You might have a great business and provide a great service by caring for your customers. But a customer might find it risky to buy from a new business until it has sufficient reviews in Google Business

It's easier for humans to decide when there are people like them who've already bought from you.

So your goal as an entrepreneur will be to keep collecting more reviews as you grow your business.

But when starting out, you'll need to work hard to get the first 10 reviews by prompting customers.

Here's a simple guide to collect testimonials from customers and here are 30 curated questions you can ask customers to get the best Google Reviews

And if you're in a competitive niche like fitness coaching, software consultancy etc. it's a good idea to have systems in place so that you can keep collecting reviews from customers

You can then add Google Reviews to your website and convince customers more easily

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