5 Best Video Feedback Software for Businesses (2024)

Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Jul 18, 2024
Best Video Feedback Software
Best Video Feedback Software

Video feedback software helps you collect useful suggestions and critiques from customers about your product/service

On one hand, you can use the good feedback videos as testimonials on your website and marketing materials while you can use others to analyze and improve aspects of your business

Things to Consider When Selecting a Video Feedback Software

  1. Ease of Recording: Let's face it. A customer has to make an effort to record a video and talk in front of a camera.
    If you use a tool that requires the least number of steps, it becomes much more enticing for them to make an effort
  2. Video Hosting: Some tools might provide you with the option to record videos but charge separately for hosting the videos or have ads played in between which is undesirable when you share these videos on your website
  3. Question guide: It's much easier for both you and the customer with a question guide in the tool for collecting feedback.
    The customer could record a video quickly using it as a waypoint while you could benefit as a business owner by directing them with the right question

Here are 5 of the best video feedback tools you can use for your business

Let's have a look at each of these tools in detail to get a better understanding

1. Famewall

Famewall is a complete video feedback tool because it ticks all the factors you'd need in a video feedback tool to collect videos & share them.

It also has a generous free plan to get started


Apart from just being a founder of this tool, I'd recommend it as a video feedback software mainly for the ease of allowing a customer to record a video and multiple ways to share it.

You could either simply analyze the video feedback with your team by collaborating with them on the dashboard or share the feedback as a testimonial on your website using a variety of available widgets

A Dedicated page for Customers to Record Video Feedback

You get to create a dedicated custom video collection page that can be shared via a link to your customers via email broadcast, social media, or community forums

They can simply use the in-built camera in their phone/desktop to record the video feedback without the need for any extra setup or configuration


The collection page has been built with the focus of making it easy for your customers to record and submit video feedback in less than 4 clicks

You can either share the collection page link with your customers or embed it in your website for a native experience

Question guide for customers when recording video

The question guide on Famewall's collection page allows you as a business owner to direct your customer's feedback in the right way

By asking the right question, you get the most value out of your customer's time in front of the camera while they also find it easy to complete a recording


The question should mostly focus on the problem the customer faced, the solutions they tried out, how your solution helped them solve their problem, and finally what they liked the most about your product

If you want the feedback to be a bit more critical, you can also ask them about one/two things that could be improved in the product and how much they'd rate your product & why

You can provide 3 questions in the area below the video recorder as a waypoint

Sharing Video Feedback

With Famewall, you can use the video feedback to work as a marketing engine by turning it into a wall of love.


The positive feedback from customers could very well serve as a video testimonial and you don't even have to worry about hosting the video or writing any code.

Famewall has no-code integration baked right into the product

Ad-free video hosting

You can manage all the video testimonials in a single dashboard & share them with your team while Famewall takes full care of video hosting


Famewall's Pricing

Famewall has affordable pricing plans for the solutions it offers. It has a free plan to help you get started with testimonials

The paid plans offer full flexibility in customizing the testimonial collection page, and importing unlimited testimonials with multiple team seats.

The best part is that there are no monthly limitations on the number of testimonials or the number of views on your widgets in any paid plans

Famewall Pricing Plan


  • Unlimited video feedback recording in paid plans
  • No limit on the number of views/recordings per month
  • Inbuilt camera recorder without any extra setup
  • Multiple options to share positive feedback as testimonials (images, widgets & links)
  • Full customization including custom domain for collection pages
  • Integration with Zapier
  • No-code testimonial widgets/wall of love


  • No conditional logic workflow
  • Currently no integrations with appointment scheduling (coming soon)

2. VideoAsk

VideoAsk was launched by Typeform and is an interactive video platform that helps you collect feedback from customers

It also has a free plan to start with

VideoAsk by Typeform

This video feedback software comes in handy if you have multiple questions to ask customers which can be recorded step by step

In fact, you can record a video yourself to guide your customer to submit feedback. Here's an example flow I could create on VideoAsk

VideoAsk Steps

It works well in establishing rapport with your customers and guiding them to submit feedback for you but the steps might also seem like an overkill if you're collecting simple feedback from users in the form of text/video

Once a customer submits the feedback, it appears in your dashboard with responses to each of the steps

VideoAsk Submissions

While there's an option to share a single response as a video testimonial on your website, you wouldn't be able to club together multiple video responses in a single widget and use them as a wall of love

Single Response Sharing

VideoAsk Pricing

VideoAsk also has a free plan to get started but it can get expensive as you record more video feedback from customers exceeding 100 minutes per month



  • Interactive video feedback
  • Integrations with Stripe
  • Record both text & video responses
  • Share video responses individually


  • Cannot share multiple positive responses as testimonials
  • Limited options to customize widgets
  • Limit on number of video/audio processing per month

3. Boast

Boast is another feedback platform that is primarily focused on using software to collect videos from customers

It has only paid plans but allows for a 14-day free trial without the need of a credit card

Boast Landing Page

Boast ticks all the checkboxes you'd need to collect feedback with a dedicated collection page, a dashboard to manage testimonials etc

Here's how the video feedback collection page appears on Boast


Like Famewall, Boast also has the option to embed the collection page in your website for a native experience

You can add the questions to make it easier for your customers to record the feedback using their text editor in the dashboard

The collected responses can be accessed and downloaded in your dashboard


Like few other tools, Boast also has the option to help you display the collected feedback as a testimonial widget on your website



  • Customizable video collection page
  • Share video responses using a link/widget
  • Personalized requests using email & SMS


  • No free plan
  • No option to remove Boast branding
  • User consent can be requested only in Premium plan

4. VideoPeel

VideoPeel is a video feedback platform that can be used to collect video surveys, assessments, and customer videos

It doesn't have a free plan but instead has a 7-day trial which asks for credit card upfront


It has the option to customize the video collection page with your custom message to get more effective feedback from customers


It has the option to collect just video feedback and there isn't an extra setting to collect text feedback from customers

VideoPeel also has the option to display the collected video feedback as a wall of love widget on your website.


VideoPeel Pricing

Compared to other video feedback tools, VideoPeel doesn't have a free plan and requires a credit card upfront to get started with their 7-day trial



  • Custom Collection page to collect videos
  • Unlimited videos in paid plans


  • No free plan & requires a credit card upfront
  • No standalone page for Wall of love
  • No options to share feedback as testimonial images etc.
  • No text feedback

5. Vidmonials

Vidmonials is a remote video recording software that comes in handy to collect customer's video feedback

It's fully focused on video testimonials over text


Vidmonials Video Collection page is very limited in flexibility as it only has an inbuilt-video recorder but doesn't have any options to add details about your brand and provide questions to customers

This would create a lot of friction for customers to record a video and also convert less as customers would find it hard to articulate their thoughts without a question guide

Video Recorder Vidmonials

The video feedback is then presented on your dashboard.

You will have to upgrade to the paid plans to download the video feedback while you can share the feedback on a widget as a wall of love


There isn't an option to customize the testimonial widgets or the video collection page in line with your branding which would be a major drawback in this tool

Vidmonials Pricing

Vidmonials doesn't have a transparent pricing page on their website's landing page but the pricing page is visible once you sign up on their platform and hit the paywall

It's pricing is expensive compared to other tools in the market and the features that it offers as it has fixed recording minutes per month, no option for text feedback, less flexibility in terms of customization etc

Vidmonials Pricing Plan


  • Video Recorder for Feedback
  • Video Editing


  • No customization of the video collection page
  • Limits in the number of video recordings per month
  • Expensive as you scale
  • Need to upgrade to download videos


We have made a detailed comparison between the different video feedback tools available in the market

It's ideal to make the best decision by checking if the video feedback software ticks the features you need like a video collection page, option to share them as widgets, collaborating with your team etc

Try Famewall for free to start collecting feedback from customers with a simple link & display them as social proof on your websites without writing any code

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