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Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Dec 17, 2022

Trustmary is a great platform to collect testimonials from customers while also showcasing social proof. But customers prefer Famewall mainly for the simplicity & for the following reasons

1. Manage multiple projects for testimonials

2. Import testimonials from 15+ platforms (and growing)

3. Affordable & Generous pricing

4. Simple & fully customizable testimonial collection pages

5. Variety of testimonial widgets & Wall of Love

6. Reorganize & group testimonials

7. Generate images from testimonials & use them for marketing

Manage multiple projects for testimonials

With Trustmary, all your testimonials appear in a single place, which would make your workflow unorganized. With Famewall you can segregate multiple projects into "walls" and separate testimonials based on the projects.

Multiple projects in a single place

Import testimonials from 15+ platforms

Currently, Trustmary has support for 8 platforms, Famewall supports 15+ platforms and the list keeps growing as customers suggest their requirements

There's integration with most of the platforms covering Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Google Reviews, etc which can all be imported with just a simple copy-paste

Import testimonials from multiple platforms

Affordable & Generous pricing

Famewall has a generous free plan which you can use to start collecting testimonials or import existing testimonials from different platforms

We have different pricing tiers suitable for different customers - be it SaaS startups, content creators, course creators, entrepreneurs, or fitness & lifestyle coaches.

Trustmary's Business Plan starts from $90/month, Famewall's pricing is as low as just $11.99/month for setting up social proof for your business

Simple & fully customizable testimonial collection pages

Trustmary has testimonial collection pages only in the paid plans but with Famewall, you can start collecting up to 10 testimonials in the free plan and scale as your testimonials grow while also enjoying features like white-labeling and custom domains. The paid plans with unlimited testimonials start from $11.99/month

You can customize the testimonial collection forms on Famewall to collect testimonials from your customers & also edit the messages, fields how you'd like your customers to view

This makes it easy for customers to send you text/video testimonials in minutes while you can add them to your dashboard in a single click

Glimpse of the testimonial collection page

Variety of testimonial widgets & Wall of Love

While Trustmary has its own widgets for social proof, Famewall has got a simple dashboard to import testimonials & add the widget to your website in just a few minutes.

There are a special set of widgets that have been performing well for brands and have been curated for you to select. They also suit your brand's style & make it much easier to set up.

Apart from the ones listed below, you can also display them in grid, carousel or slider formats. View the widget showcase over here

Famewall Widget Showcase

Reorganize & group testimonials

You can also organize & group testimonials into categories to understand feedback from testimonials

This is especially useful when you have a lot of testimonials, and would like to search & apply filters to categories like "compliments", "critical feedback" etc so that you get the maximum value out of testimonials

You can also move your existing testimonials across different projects

Organize testimonials

Generate images from testimonials and use them for marketing

With Famewall, you can generate images from testimonials with just a few clicks

These images can then be shared across social media like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram/Facebook, Stories etc. This will make your testimonials extremely useful for marketing purposes. Something which is not present in Trustmary

Testimonial Image Generator

Famewall is a totally free Trustmary alternative that makes it super easy for you to collect & add testimonials all in one place in just a few minutes without any coding

Try the product for free by signing up here. You'll like it :)

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