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Goutham Jay

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Dec 17, 2022 is a nice product for showcasing testimonials but what if we told you that there's an alternative that makes it easy for you to collect testimonials & boosts your landing page conversions just with how social proof is collected & presented?

Famewall's vision from the start has been to make it easy to boost social proof for businesses by making it super easy to collect & embed testimonials in just 2 minutes! Absolutely with No code!

Majority of the customers prefer Famewall for the following reasons:

  1. Testimonial Collection Tool
  2. Wall Customization Options
  3. Support for Video testimonials
  4. Social Proof Avatars
  5. Variety of Embed Widgets
  6. Persistent & Live profile images
  7. Multiple Social Media Platform Integrations

1. Testimonial Collection Tool

The testimonial collection tool can easily be embedded on websites where you could kindly request your customers to share a testimonial. Sample Page can be found here

Testimonial Collection Page

Customers can send a testimonial either via text/video or share a shoutout on twitter with a pre-populated custom message which you can configure in the dashboard

You can then easily add the testimonials directly to your wall which you'd like to display on the landing page with just a single click

Dashboard with Pending Submissions created by customers

2. Plenty of Embed widgets to choose from

You can choose from multiple widget formats available on Famewall to suit your use case. It can easily be embedded on sign up pages, landing pages, pricing pages, and many more

Famewall Embed Widgets

3. Wall Customization Options

This is the most fun feature which customers love. Often times your brand will have it's own style & colors. One-size fits all solution won't work when you're showing social proof. So this is a divergence Famewall has from

We carefully listened to our customers & crafted customization options to change the appearance of the testimonial cards & the background according to the look & feel of the brand.

Famewall Dashboard with customization options

This has elevated the social proof on websites to a premium level!

4. Support for Video testimonials

While text & social media testimonials feel complete in themselves, video testimonials build an incredible reputation for your brand as the videos are created by real people.

And there's a psychological aspect that compels people to try & purchase your product after directly seeing & hearing from a person in the real world

Support for Video Testimonials

5. Social Proof Avatars focuses specifically on the grid form of testimonials but there are more ways to add testimonials on your website with Famewall.

You can add tiny social proof which is verifiable in real-time with small avatars of well-known customers in your market with the Avatar playground on Famewall.

Social Proof Avatars

6. Variety of wall display formats

There's support for multiple widget embeds like grid, carousels and dual slider widget on Famewall which you can find on Famewall Widget Embed page as opposed to 2 widget formats on

Famewall Embed Widgets

7. Persistent & Live profile images

A big problem with testimonials on shoutout is that the profile pictures in the live testimonial wall end up breaking when users change their profile picture or when they're using live profile picture on platforms like Twitter.

So you'll have to keep a watch on your wall & keep updating the testimonial cards when the users change the profile picture

Not to mention the low quality of pictures which might give a dull look to your wall. Shown below is a testimonial wall from with the card on the left has low quality resolution with the card on the right faces the dynamic profile picture issue

But Famewall on the other hand handles everything out of the box by making the images persistent on our system while also delivering high-quality profile pictures with crystal clear happy faces

Here's how the issue occurs on

Profile Avatar issue with

Here's how it looks on Famewall

Crystal clear images with Famewall

8. Multiple Social Media Platform Integrations

Shoutout primarily focuses on Twitter while it makes you manually enter the testimonials for other social media platforms which becomes a hassle when you want to add testimonials

Famewall has support for multiple social media platforms and the integrations have steadily been growing


We're striving hard to deliver on the vision of making it easy to collect & embed testimonials on your landing page to boost social proof. Try famewall for free at

You can give Famewall a shot entirely for free :)

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