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Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

Dec 17, 2022

Endorsal is a good tool for collecting customer testimonials in an automated fashion. But customers prefer Famewall for the following reasons

1. Affordable & Friendlier Pricing

2. Multiple sources to import testimonials

3. Unlimited page visits

4. No limit on the number of testimonials you can collect

5.  Variety of embed widgets & Wall of Love

6. Generate images from testimonials & use them for marketing

Affordable & Friendlier Pricing

Endorsal.io's pricing plan starts from $39/month and also restricts the number of visitors on your widgets. Once the page visitors hit 2.5k monthly visits on both their Starter & Professional Plan

Also the custom branding is only available in the Professional Plan which makes it quite expensive for a business to collect & manage social proof using Endorsal.io

But Famewall's pricing on the other hand starts from just $11.99/month with unlimited page visits and custom branding available in all paid plans

Multiple sources to import testimonials

Currently, there are only 6 sources on Endorsal.io using which you can import testimonials for your website but Famewall's list of imports is 15+ and growing. We're quickly building & launching new platforms based on customer feedback

There's integration with most of the platforms covering Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Google Reviews, etc which can all be imported with just a simple copy-paste

Unlimited page visits

There's no cap on how many page visits your widget receives on Famewall while Endorsal has a hard limit of 2.5k monthly unique visitors in all paid plans

This comes off as a major advantage for Famewall users as their website visitors scale as opposed to Endorsal.io

No limit on the number of testimonials you can collect

You can use Famewall to collect custom collection pages where your customers can submit a text/video testimonial

You can collect unlimited text testimonials from your customers using these collection pages which you can fully customize to suit your brand's style

The flexibility is greatly lacking in Endorsal.io compared to Famewall

Famewall Collection Page

Variety of embed widgets & Wall of Love

You can add stunning widgets to your website with no-code. Famewall has a variety of embed widgets that can suit your website & wall of love while the customization is limited in Endorsal

View all the widget showcase over here

Famewall Widgets

Generate images from testimonials and use them for marketing

With Famewall, you can generate images from testimonials with just a few clicks

These images can then be shared across social media like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram/Facebook, Stories etc. This will make your testimonials extremely useful for marketing purposes.

Testimonial Image Generator

Famewall is a totally free Endorsal.io alternative that makes it super easy for you to collect & add testimonials all in one place in just a few minutes without any coding

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