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Goutham Jay
Goutham Jay

Founder - Famewall

May 17, 2023

Elfsight is a good tool that provides a suite of widgets for websites and online stores. But Elfsight customers might find Famewall to be much more useful when compared with certain factors

Before that, let's make it clear that Famewall is a testimonial collection tool that makes it easy to collect testimonials from your customers & add beautiful testimonials to your website using widgets in just a few clicks

The main reasons we've had customers switch from Elfsight to Famewall are the following reasons:

  • Manage Testimonials from Multiple Sources
  • Friendly and Affordable Pricing
  • Unlimited Viewers for Widgets
  • Famewall Brand Pages to Convert Customers
  • Flexible Testimonial Collection Tool
  • Integrations like Zapier
  • Custom Domain Support for Testimonials Wall

1. Manage Testimonials from Multiple Sources

Elfsight allows you to create only 1 specific widget with 1 source eg. Instagram/Google Reviews

With Famewall, you can create anywhere from 4-10 walls for different projects based on different pricing plans and have testimonials like text, video, & testimonials from Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, and Google Business all in a single wall

Here is one of our sample widgets:

Testimonial Wall

Customize testimonials on each wall & display them independently on your website using embed code or use them to create a wall of love

2. Friendly and Affordable Pricing

Famewall has different pricing tiers suitable for different customers - be it SaaS startups, content creators, course creators, entrepreneurs, or fitness & lifestyle coaches.

Hence we made the pricing flexible to suit all your needs starting from just $9.99/month using which you can enjoy unlimited text testimonials & collect video testimonials from your customers.

Famewall Pricing Plan

Elfsight's pricing tiers limit you in the number of projects you can create along with a cap on the number of widgets while Famewall has super generous quotas.

Famewall is the all in all tool you need to collect, manage and share social proof in a single place with just a few clicks.

3. Unlimited viewers for widgets

Elfsight limits to a maximum of 150,000 views in their last plan while Famewall has no such limit

You can have unlimited viewers for every widget used on your website. This allows you to use testimonials peacefully on your website without having to worry about rising costs

4. Famewall Brand Pages to Convert Customers

Famewall has Brand Pages where you can list all your portfolio of products & services in a single page together with social media handles.

The best part is that you can add social proof beside your work which convinces customers easily, way before they even visit your website

This is a feature unique to Famewall as the vision of Famewall is to make it easy to collect social proof from customers and put it to work by converting leads and increasing sales

Famewall Brand Pages

5. Flexible Testimonial Collection Tool

With Famewall, you can collect testimonials from your customers with a simple testimonial collection page.

You can even set it up on your own custom domain so that your users have a seamless experience

You can customize the fields you'd like to ask your customers as you collect testimonials from them

Famewall Testimonial Collection Page

6. Integrations like Zapier

You can automate your testimonial collection workflow like sending a gift card/personalized message once a user submits a testimonial

You can do all this using the Zapier integration on Famewall and connect with over 5000+ apps

Zapier Workflow

7. Custom Domain Support

You can set up custom domains for the Testimonial Wall of Fame like -> love.famewall.io and for Testimonial Collection Pages -> collect.famewall.io

This gives an amazing user experience for your customers as it is presented on your own domain

Famewall is a totally free Elfsight alternative that makes it super easy for your business to collect testimonials & manage social proof all in one place in just a few minutes

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