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updated on 28 November 2022 is a great tool to collect testimonials from customers. But there are some shortcomings with the tool which hurts our landing page & customers in the long run

The main reasons we've had customers switch from their existing embeds from testimonial to Famewall are due to the following reasons

1. Blazingly fast Embeds to add testimonials with a small bundle size

Testimonial has an extremely large javascript code where the bundle size comes around 1000 kilobytes. This decreases your website's speed affecting your SEO score & giving an unpleasant experience for your users

Whereas in Famewall, the bundle size just comes to less than 1/10th of's size to less than 80 kilobytes. This gives a high-performance score to your landing page

This is quite important as though you'd want testimonials listed on your website, you also need to ensure that they don't slow down your website performance. vs bundle size vs bundle size

2. Variety of embed widgets to choose from

You can choose from multiple widget formats available on Famewall to suit your use case. It can easily be embedded on sign-up pages, landing pages, pricing pages and many more

Famewall Widget Formats
Famewall Widget Formats

3. Friendly & Affordable Pricing for all

Here is's pricing which has a high cost while also restricting the number of testimonials you can collect in the free plan

Only the premium plan in allows you to have more than 1 wall but the cost is 5x the cost on Famewall where you can publish up to 4 walls in the Standard Plan with unlimited testimonials

Compare this to Famewall's pricing, you can get the best value for money to collect & embed testimonials with a generous free plan & cool features like video testimonials in the paid plans at an affordable price

4. Customization options for testimonial embeds

With you can customize your testimonial wall with a variety of gradient options & dark mode colors. These help you build your brand & garner attention on your landing page thereby driving in more conversions

Here is a sample embed widget from with a variant of yellow background & dark testimonials customization customization

5. Curated Mentions from Twitter

Mentions describing your product/service are aggregated in a single dashboard which you can add to your wall with a single click

The best part about this feature is that you just have to make a single click while tweets which can become potential testimonials for your website are automatically added to your wall

Curated Mentions
Curated Mentions

6. Social Proof Avatars as Testimonials

There are more ways to add testimonials on your website with Famewall. You can add tiny social proof which is verifiable in real-time with small avatars of well-known customers in your market with the Avatar playground on Famewall.

Social Proof Avatars
Social Proof Avatars

7. Support for React component Embed

Famewall supports React embeds along with HTML embeds out of the box. All you have to do is just install react-famewall from npm & copy these 3 lines of code by just replacing your 'wallUrl'

And voila! You've got the testimonial wall on your website now

import React from 'react'
import FamewallEmbed from 'react-famewall'

const App = () => {


There are multiple advantages of Famewall over

Switch to the alternative by joining the club of Famewall for real social proof to collect testimonials & manage them in a blink!

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